G8 Background Policy Brief: Newborn, Child And Maternal Health

Nutrition and food security are likely to be major development themes of the 2013 G8 meeting. Because good nutrition is essential to preventing maternal and child death, we applaud that focus. We ask that the United States remind world leaders of their pledges to help end preventable child deaths, and the need to make commitments to child and maternal health in addition to nutrition. A holistic approach that addresses determinants of health and poverty, including unequal access to productive resources, sanitation and hygiene promotion, is essential for nutrition and food security to be protected and sustained, and for needless deaths to be prevented. If the G8 is serious about ending preventable child deaths in a generation, the time to invest is now.


  1. Make good on their "A Promise Renewed" pledge by increasing funding and pursuing policies that help developing countries improve newborn, maternal and child health, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable populations.
  2. Pursue policies that help developing countries address crosscutting barriers to health and services, and build coordinated health systems.