Guidelines for the Implementation of the “Saving Lives Together” Framework

The Saving Lives Together (SLT) initiative was created in recognition of the fact that the organisations of the UN Security Management System (UNSMS), International NonGovernmental Organisations (INGOs) and International Organisations (IOs) face similar security challenges when operating in volatile environments. SLT was established to provide a framework to improve collaboration on common security concerns and enhance the safe delivery of humanitarian and development assistance.

These guidelines were developed to support the implementation of the 2015 revision of the SLT Framework, which aimed to achieve a clear, more focused and systematic approach to security collaboration between the UN, INGOs and IOs. These guidelines are provided as a tool for security managers in SLT partner organisations. They explain key principles, concepts, and processes, and set out practical steps and options for the effective implementation of the SLT Framework. These guidelines are a first edition and will invariably have shortcomings. Therefore, the UN, INGO and IO security managers are encouraged to provide feedback to inform necessary additions and revisions.

Feedback may be sent to the SLT Oversight Committee (SLT OC) through the UNDSS Communications Centre (email: or through their respective INGO networks, such as or