InterAction Federal Budget Table - FY12 Year-End Omnibus Conference Report (HR2055)

The budget table details account levels for international poverty-focused and humanitarian assistance as well as other pertinent accounts within the U.S. International Affairs Budget (Function 150) that InterAction tracks and analyzes for its members.

This latest budget table includes account levels from the FY12 year-end omnibus conference report released on the evening of Thursday, December 15, 2011, which, when passed, will close out the FY12 appropriations process.

The budget table includes comparisons between the FY12 year-end omnibus and the FY12 House State, Foreign Operations (SFOps) subcommitee draft bill in July 2011 as well as the FY12 year-end omnibus and the FY12 Senate SFOps committee bill from late September 2011.