Partner Vetting Independent Assessment: Insufficient Justification for a Global Rollout

This report presents the findings from an assessment of the Department of State (State) and USAID partner vetting system (PVS) pilot (the Assessment). The concerns of U.S. nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) regarding PVS are not a debate about vetting, but rather about the role of U.S. NGOs in such a system. U.S. NGOs working overseas do not want their funding or resources to be used by, or in any way diverted to, designated terrorist groups. To this end, InterAction member organizations will continue to audit their programs and rigorously vet implementing partners. U.S. NGOs want to ensure that any vetting system does not risk the lives of staff, does not harm aid recipients, allows for effective program implementation, and does not result in U.S. NGOs being perceived as an extension of U.S. intelligence, undermining their independence and neutrality.