Security Standards for NGO National Staff

The research presented in this report concludes that the following steps are critical for aid agencies to enhance the security of their national staff:

The agency formally states its commitment to the security of all staff without differentiation, and backs up its commitment with measurable resources.

  • National staff fully participate in security management procedures, and in some cases even lead them, from the design of security plans to training, to decision-making on the main issues concerning the security of all staff.
  • Attention to national staff security is a key element for evaluating the performance of managers and supervisors.
  • Evacuation should not be the cardinal issue of national staff security: it is not necessarily the best solution in times of crisis, and is often not expected by national staff.
  • The agency is transparent in its security and personnel procedures, and is clear on its expectations of national staff; this is critical to promoting the security of all staff.

Agency-wide policies lay out the agency’s general security and personnel philosophy, but consistently defer to field-based practices that integrate local realities.