Weekly Public Policy Update: Oct. 31-Nov. 4, 2011

Last Friday, we reported that the next Senate minibus would likely include the State, Foreign Operations bill, along with Financial Services and Energy-Water and that it would move to the floor sometime this week. Well, as I am sure you all are painfully aware by now, this did not happen, and there is no definitive timeline for the introduction of the package of bills—or if it will happen in this form at all. Please see our Washington Update section for a thorough forecast of the endgame of the Senate FY2012 State, Foreign Operations bill and FY2012 appropriations more generally.

Please enjoy the rest of our Update, which includes our regular menu of upcoming hearings, hearing summaries (including two Senate Foreign Relations Committee ones on China’s role in Africa and women involvement in the Arab Spring, respectively, and a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on U.S. policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan beyond 2014), and articles of interest.