Integrating Gender into Your Work: Quick Start Guide (IPSI Practitioner Intensive)

Saturday, March 3, 2018
Event Description: 

Have you ever been told you need to integrate “gender considerations” into your work, nodded and wondered what the heck that meant? Or, perhaps you’ve heard that women are essential to peace and security – but you’re afraid to ask why? Navigating requirements related to gender analysis can be confusing – and overwhelming. This course will walk you through the basic terminology and concepts and equip you with some practical tools for doing a “quick and dirty” gender analysis. If you’re aiming to write a more competitive proposal for a potential funder and need to understand how you can improve your project by considering the impacts of your work on women and girls (and men and boys!), this practical 101 course is for you. - Taught by Angelic Young

5301 Wisconsin Ave, NW, #B1
Washington, DC 20015
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