Leading Major Change

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 to Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Event Description: 

Ultimately, when navigating the treacherous waters inherent in executing complex change, executive teams face a predictable set of execution pitfalls and issues. This program prepares executives to address these implementation challenges.

In the recent InterAction CEO survey, 80% of responding executives believe the external environment is changing faster than the rate of change in their own organizations. Moreover, research reveals that no more than 30% of major change initiatives fully achieve their intended objectives. This program teaches and supports application of the dynamics, risks, and leadership roles to lead major change, benefitting participants well beyond the current major endeavor and building a community of executive support across participating organizations.

This collaborative learning and application experience is open to CEOs and 3-4 members of their senior leadership team responsible for the successful execution of a specific change or strategic initiative in their organization.

This highly interactive and engaging program is facilitated by Conner Advisory principals, with 75 years of collective strategy execution experience, most recently with international NGOs.

During the program, you will join peer executive teams for an intensive two-day workshop on the dynamics, risks and leadership roles involved with major change execution. Teams apply knowledge from fast-paced presentations to the major change initiative(s) participants are leading within their institutions.

Teams leave with a set of execution tools as well as knowledge of the leadership mindsets and behaviors required for successful realization of their changes. This includes:

  • clarity about the change dynamics they need to navigate in their organizations;
  • specificity regarding their leadership role when driving transformational shifts;
  • an assessment of risks that could jeopardize change initiative implementation;
  • a realistic prognosis for fully accomplishing their desired outcomes;
  • a high-level execution roadmap from which to build their detailed implementation plans.

After completion of the workshop, executive teams have access to the Conner Advisory principals for two 90-minute follow-up consultations to receive additional support, feedback and guidance on their execution decisions and actions.

Contact Mike Fox, Special Assistant to the InterAction CEO, with inquiries and to register: mfox@interaction.org

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