June 20, 2019 | 1:00PM-2:30PM

Stopping As Success: Lessons Learned and Guidelines for Responsible Exits and Transitions

Please join us for a discussion with Peace Direct, Search for Common Ground, and CDA Collaborative Learning about responsible exits and transitions. These organizations will share themes and case studies from their ongoing Stopping As Success (SAS) project, focused on responsible exits and transitions in support of locally-led development. After completing 20 case studies of successful organizational transitions across 13 countries during the first two years of the project, the SAS consortium is entering the third and final year of this effort, which will focus on developing practical resources for INGOs, CSOs, and USAID missions as well as influencing the discussions related to USAID’s Journey to Self-Reliance agenda.

During this event, the SAS consortium will bring the learnings of this project into the discussion and engage the audience in a conversation around responsible exits and transitions. To bring a local perspective to the conversation, we will be joined by Tala, a local Mindanao peacebuilder, who was a part of the Coffee for Peace case study. Tala will share her unique experience of the transition to a social enterprise model, which she will lead after its current founders step down. Other case studies and themes of financial sustainability, capacity development, and authentic partnership will also be discussed.

A conferencing option will be available for remote participants. Details will be sent following registration.

InterAction Members and Partners Only