Foreign Assistance Briefing Book - 2011 (FABB)

InterAction is pleased to release its second Foreign Assistance Briefing Book (FABB). The book outlines the U.S.-based international nonprofit community’s views on foreign assistance challenges expected to be at the forefront of the 112th Congress and the remaining two years of the Obama administration’s first term.

Sixteen key areas and sectors are featured, including climate change, food security and agriculture, health, urban poverty and U.S. government funding trends, with specific problems highlighted and suggested recommendations. All of the factual information is drawn from InterAction member organizations’ with decades of experience working in the developing world.

A solid portion of the American public believes that U.S. foreign assistance advances our political, economic and security interests. Their generous donation of almost $1.3 billion to organizations within the InterAction alliance to support Haiti earthquake relief and recovery work is the most recent illustration of their strong support.

FABB is a collaborative effort and represents the views of InterAction’s diverse membership which consists of both faith-based and secular organizations.

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