Guidelines For Guest Bloggers

As a community hub, InterAction welcomes submissions from guest bloggers. Please read the following guidelines before submission, and if you have any questions, email us at

Acceptable Topics: We accept submissions on topics related to InterAction’s work. We are not able to accept any submissions that are purely self-promotional for a particular NGO or CSO as a whole. However, we gladly accept submissions on a particular project by an NGO or CSO. The blog is not a vehicle for press releases. However, if you are an InterAction member, we do have a section of our website for members’ press releases. If you have a question about whether your topic fits our needs, please contact us at Acceptable topics include, but are not limited to:

  • humanitarian crises

  • development issues and new trends

  • issues affecting the NGO community as a whole

  • successful programs or innovations, or lessons learned

  • current events or policies affecting InterAction’s members

  • personal stories from aid workers or beneficiaries

  • NGO practices

  • viewpoints or commentary on issues relevant to the InterAction community

Audience: Our audience ranges from development professionals to lawmakers to donors and the interested public.

Word Count: Blogs should ideally be anywhere between 300-800 words. Please be concise and consider overall readability. Online readers often leave long pages before they finish reading, so try not to exceed 1,000 words.

Style: Please write in an easy-to-understand, accessible style. Because most of our audience is U.S.-based, we are only able to accept blogs written in English. If you reference a statistic or a recent event in your piece, we encourage you to provide a link to the research or an article on the subject, if possible.

Format and editing:  All submissions will be edited for correct grammar and formatted per InterAction’s stylebook, which is based on AP Style, before publication. We may also break up long blocks of text to increase readability. Keep titles short and simple, preferably no more than eight words.

Author bio: Your blog will automatically link to your user page on InterAction’s website. When you create your account, please include a headshot and a brief bio if possible. Unless you are posting the blog for someone else (for example, a coworker or a partner you wrote the blog with), please do not add any author information in the text of the blog.

Images: We welcome image submissions with your blog, as long as you have the rights to the image and provide a brief caption and photo credit. (Note: Due to technical difficulties we’re currently experiencing with our website, our caption widget isn’t displaying on blogs, so please either photoshop the photo credit at the bottom of the picture before you upload it, or include the photo credit as a note in the bottom of your blog submission.) Images must respect the dignity, values, history, religion and culture of the subject photographed. They must also accurately reflect the subject being discussed and not be misleading. We also have the capacity to embed a video in your blog by putting either the URL link or the embed code in the box beneath where you enter your main blog text.

Submission procedures: Please submit your blog directly though our website by signing up for an account at, then once you’re logged in, using the Content Management/Create Content/Blog menu option.

Technical guidelines:

  • When you upload your blog, please use the “paste as plain text” button (the clipboard icon with a blue notebook on top) and insert all formatting (bold, italics, hyperlinks, bulleted lists, etc.) after you’ve uploaded it.
  • Underneath the title, leave the Author section blank – this information will automatically be picked up via your login. If the author is different than the account name, please include that information at the bottom of the blog text.

Once you save a blog, you cannot make any further edits to it. Please make sure your blog is complete before you hit “Save.” If you find an error, let us know and we will update it.

The blog will then go into our moderation queue, where it will be reviewed by an InterAction staff member before publication.

Originality: We welcome both original material and cross-postings from other blogs. If you are cross-posting, please be sure that you have the right to do so, and that you include a link at the bottom that says, “This piece was originally published on Name of Original Blog on mm/dd/yy.”

Republication: Blog submissions are welcome to be republished on the author’s own blog, or on any partner blog that the author agrees to. If InterAction was the first place the blog was published, please include the hyperlinked tag that says, “This piece was originally published onInterAction’s blog on mm/dd/yy.”

Payment: InterAction is unable to pay for contributed blogs.

Disclaimer: InterAction retains the right to republish blogs in any of our other publications. InterAction also reserves the right to decline to publish a submitted blog for any reason, including duplication of recent topics, the need for significant rewrites, pieces that are self-promotional, pieces that are discriminatory or offensive, or if the topic doesn’t fit with our needs. Because of the moderation process, blogs will not be published immediately. If several blogs are submitted at once (either by one person or by several individuals), InterAction may stagger their publications to ensure each blog has time at the top of our page. Any account posting product promotions or blatant spam will be deleted from InterAction’s website.