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Today, almost 90% of financial flows from the US to the developing world comes from private sources with many NGOs raising the vast majority of their funding from individual donations, private foundations, corporations, and multi-stakeholder partnerships even as they continue their partnership with the U.S. government.

Within this landscape NGOs have increasingly turned their business models upside down. And the increased level of attention and resources flowing to emerging markets and developing countries offers a unique opportunity for NGOs to engage the private sector in bridging the gap between the developed and developing world.

To help NGO executives successfully navigate this new landscape, InterAction launched a new training and education initiative, our Leadership Development Series. Each training session is developed in collaboration with a private sector partner and provides custom designed, hands-on education experiences to equip you with the skills needed to successfully plan and execute sustainable, operational, and culturally appropriate solutions.

Our private sector partners are global leaders in their respective fields.

For information on future programs, or to inquire about bringin a training in-house, please contact Luisa Cordoba at 202-552-6547.


Upcoming 2016 Sessions

Develop, Manage and Strengthen Partnerships with the Private Sector

  • Two distinct and complimentary days that include a mix of panels and workshop. 

  • Registration is $600 for one day, $1000 bor both days. 

  • Featuring tailored training on designing and delivering a great pich, provided by Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP), with stellar participation by:

Features Panelists and Trainers:

Lutheran World Relief

Save the Children

The Partnering Initiative

Accenture Development Partners

Mars Incorporated


PLAN: Align mission, vision, values, and partnership outcome goals with corporate partners’ philanthropic and partnership strategy

MANAGE: Design implementation plans based on realistic analysis, and select performance measures that adequately evaluate your partnership outcomes

ADAPT: Understand distinctions, and pros and cons of philanthropic and partnership models. Choose what is best for your organization and share the cost of achieving social change


Agenda at a Glance

Monday, November 14, 2016

  • Breakfast and Registration

  • Welcome and plan for the day

  • Keynote Panel: When are you a Partner?

  • Break

  • Organizational Guiding Principles for Private Sector Partnerships

  • Scope otential Partners, Partnership Opportunities, and Understand What To Set Up Internally

  • Networking Lunch

  • Crafting a Partnership Pitch: Understand the Language and Audience

Tailored, intensive course developed and administered by Accenture Development Partnerships -ADP

  • Break

  • Pitch Coaching and Discussion

Tailored, intensive course developed and administered by Accenture Development Partnerships -ADP

  • Report back, conclusions, identify key success factors

  • End of Session, Next Steps, Instructions for Day 2


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

  • Breakfast and Registration

  • Recap Day 1, Welcome, plan for the day

  • Keynote Panel: Motivators and Inhibitors -- Expanding Partnerships

  • Break

  • Self-Assessment: is your organization ready to scale up via corporate partnerships?

Katie Fry Hester, The Partnering InitiativeThe Partnering Initiative

  • Networking Lunch

  • Case Study:  A new business model for the new knowledge economy: how business can be both profitable and transforming for society and the environment by moving beyond Milton Friedman.

Dr. Jay Jakub, Senior Director of External Research, Catalyst, Mars Incorporated.   

  • Break

  • Closing: Trends in Cross Sector Partnerships – what is coming in the horizon? How to prepare?