Baitulmaal, on behalf of our generous donors, institutes compassionate projects worldwide to improve the lives of disaster victims, underprivileged children, the sick, elderly, orphans, widows, and needy families, regardless of nationality, race, or religion.  Our activities are based on the principals of Islamic teachings, which stress the dignity and sanctity of human life.
Our goal is to restore dignity and instill hope in communities hit hard by poverty and disaster.  We accomplish this in two ways:  1) through short-term emergency disaster relief in the form of food, medical supplies, clothing and shelter, and 2) through the long-term distribution of basic necessities, and through the repair of social infrastructure by building and supporting family housing, orphanages, and healthcare facilities.

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Issue Areas: 
Guinea, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, West Bank and Gaza, Yemen
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