Perkins International

Our Mission

Perkins International is committed to helping marginalized populations who are blind, deafblind, or blind with additional disabilities unlock their potential and realize their unique value as members of their communities.

Our Vision

We believe every child, regardless of disability, has a right to:


Worldwide there are approximately 150 million children with disabilities, many of whom are denied access to education based solely upon having a disability. With our local partners in over 67 countries, we’re fighting to give more of these children an opportunity to attend school. Our experience confirms that when these children have the opportunity to receive an education, their lives, in addition to the lives of their families and communities, are remarkably transformed.

Vocational Training

All individuals deserve the opportunity to receive vocational training and/or develop the skills needed to live as independently as possible. Perkins and our partners establish programs that creatively connect a person's capacities and interests, discovered in education, with appropriate opportunities in their community.

Access to Information and Assistive Technology

In order to participate fully in society, people with disabilities need a level playing field with access to the same information as everyone else. In the case of individuals who are blind, deafblind, and blind with additional disabilities, assistive technology may be required in order to become literate. One of the many ways Perkins addresses this need is by distributing and maintaining subsidized Perkins Braillers®, the pen and paper for people who are blind, in over 170 countries.

A Supportive Community

With education, employment training, and social interaction, individuals with disabilities become ambassadors of change, helping to transform attitudes and create communities of awareness and acceptance. Perkins helps promote inclusive environments to make this transformation possible by collaborating with government officials to incorporate the needs of children with multiple disabilities into education, health and disability policies. An important aspect of this work lies in educating parents and bringing them together to network, share experiences, and unite as advocates for the rights of their children

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