Syrian American Medical Society Foundation

The SAMS Foundation was specifically formed to serve as the charitable, educational, and humanitarian arm of the Syrian American Medical Society, Inc.(hereinafter, “SAMS”). Towards that end, the SAMS Foundation shall serve to provide charitable, educational, and humanitarian support and services with a focuson the Syrian people. Specifically but not exclusively, the SAMS Foundation shall serve to:

  • Encourage, organize and provide medical and humanitarian aid and supplies to needy individuals in the US, Syria, and abroad.
  • Coordinate donations of routine and emergency medical care in support of those in the US and abroad.
  • Support projects and charitable organizations with similar mission statements.
  • Provide assistance to medical students and interns of Syrian descent.
  • Sponsor speakers, textbooks and other learning materials for needy medical students in Syria.
  • Organize and facilitate



(866) 809-9039
3660 Stutz Drive
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Canfield, OH 44406
United States
Issue Areas: 
Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, United States
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