InterAction members enjoy a number of benefits and services as part of the largest alliance of international NGOs and partners in the U.S. Among these are effective advocacy and representation on their behalf, increased exposure, strong networking and information sharing opportunities, technical and capacity building assistance, plus increased credibility with donors and funders.

Based in Washington, DC, InterAction staff help coordinate efforts by members to influence policy and budget priorities in Congress, help provide access to top-level policymakers and provide members with analyses of issues as they impact the humanitarian and development community. Our annual Forum, CEO retreat, and other meetings each year bring together members, experts, government officials, and other stakeholders in the U.S. and from NGO networks in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Our communications specialists multiply and complement member efforts with media exposure, press referrals and social media amplification. 

InterAction's issue and regionally focused working groups allow for collaboration with peers on cutting edge issues through policy and practice focused discussions. In addition, InterAction staff facilitate trainings in advocacy, NGO security and civil-military relations during disaster response, among other issues.

InterAction's PVO Standards continue to set InterAction member organizations apart from all others in the eyes of donors and funders. Adhering to these standards gives member agencies widely recognized legitimacy in the vital areas of governance, financial management, program performance, and fundraising.

Direct Benefits of InterAction Membership

Access and Influence

  • Engage in policy discussions with leaders of the US government, international organizations, and counterpart NGO networks around the world
  • Participate in direct advocacy and outreach to Congress and federal agencies
  • Bring your voice and views to policy and operational meetings with InterAction members, outside experts, UN agencies, government officials, and other NGO platforms and stakeholders
  • Contribute to shaping the evolution of the US NGO community and the international development and humanitarian assistance agenda
  • Join a community of peers; build partnerships; exchange ideas; work collaboratively; and be a mentor to others
  • Strengthen relationships with private funders, associations, and key thinkers

Visibility and Credibility

  • Increase the recognition of your organization in the US NGO community and help raise the profile of the sector
  • Be a visible member of the community on InterAction’s website
  • Be recognized for your high-level of accountability through the Self-Certification Process of InterAction’s PVO Standards and publicize your accountability with the InterAction seal 

Engagement and Collaboration

  • Establish common positions on critical policy issues
  • Build capacity through thematic- and issue-oriented working groups and member-driven affinity groups
  • Establish partnerships; build relationships with other CEOs at the annual CEO Retreat; and strengthen abilities to manage and direct organizations effectively
  • Participate in and contribute to InterAction’s Annual Forum
  • Attend strategic planning sessions that address new and evolving issues in NGO environment
  • Receive timely updates on current issues and events through email lists 

Choose the Direction of InterAction

  • Be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors: vote on the strategic direction of InterAction and monitor the CEO’s performance in areas of governance, management, fiscal responsibility, and programs (Associate members may serve on the board but do not have voting rights)
  • Help shape agendas and focus of working groups; contribute to shaping the direction of advocacy efforts
  • Have a seat and a voice in special members’ meetings


  • Training: access a wide variety of trainings such as NGO Security, Civil Military Relations, Monitoring and Evaluation, Staff Care, Disaster Risk Reduction, PVO Standards, and more
  • Build Skills: staff of InterAction members gain valuable skills participating in and chairing working groups
  • Complimentary meeting space at the Julia Taft Conference Center, InterAction's state-of-the-art meeting facilities