As the largest alliance of international NGOs and partners in the United States, InterAction’s 190 members work in every country. Our mission is to be a leader in the global quest to eliminate extreme poverty and vulnerability, strengthen human rights and citizen participation, safeguard a sustainable planet, promote peace, and ensure dignity for all people. Learn more about InterAction. Please subscribe to our RSS Feed to receive updates on upcoming InterAction events, statements, advisories and more.

Latest News Releases

Dec 14, 2016
As a coalition of non-governmental organizations working to aid and ensure the protection of civilians affected by the conflict in Syria, InterAction strongly condemns the lack of regard for human life and the continued violence against civilians perpetrated by Syrian government forces, their...
Nov 18, 2016
InterAction Partners with Guardian GDP Network, Bond, Civicus and Concord in 2016 NGO Hero Project There are countless people working for NGOs around that world that deserve great recognition for their remarkable efforts working with people in the world's poorest places. To end the year on a...

Latest Issue Briefs and Reports

Dec 28, 2016
This report presents the findings from an assessment of the Department of State (State) and USAID partner vetting system (PVS) pilot (the Assessment). The concerns of U.S. nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) regarding PVS are not a debate about vetting, but rather about the role of U.S. NGOs in...
Dec 02, 2016
Upon the invitation of the international NGO (INGO) Forum in Myanmar, InterAction and ICVA - represented by Julien Schopp and Raphael Gorgeu - traveled to Myanmar from September 28 through October 7, 2016. The team visited Yangon, as well as Myitkyina and Sittwe, and reviewed humanitarian practice...

Latest Multimedia

Sep 23, 2016
Over the past year global refugee issues have dominated our news feeds, our televisions, and our conversations. Many of us work on these issues every day and have for years, but to the average citizen, the global refugee challenges just became front-page news.  In early September InterAction Vice...
Aug 10, 2016
On Monday, August 1, InterAction CEO Sam Worthington spoke at an event co-hosted by DACOR and UAA about the evolving role of U.S. NGOs. Video courtesy of DACOR.

Latest Member News

Dec 15, 2016
Statement from Islamic Relief USA CEO Anwar Khan: Our prayers are with the people of Aleppo at this time. Islamic Relief USA has been assisting with humanitarian aid inside Aleppo for the past few years, and we are preparing to assist those who have evacuated from the city to other areas. We are...
Dec 15, 2016
The refugee crisis fueled by armed conflict in Syria and Iraq tops the list of humanitarian emergencies in Lutheran World Relief’s 2017 Early Warning Forecast, an overview of global hot spots that will command the attention and resources of the international community over the next year. The...

Latest Blogs

Foreign Assistance May Be the United States’ Ace in the Hole

I grew up in the deep south of Reagan’s America. My father was a veteran and I lived near two Air Force bases, so just about everyone around me talked constantly about how great this country is. Maybe that is why during Rex Tillerson’s confirmation hearing for Secretary of State yesterday, some deep seated part of me couldn’t help but love his metaphor for the state of the world. “…We’ve got a tough hand of cards … and we’re just gonna play that hand out... because what I know is that America still holds all the aces.”  

Equality is not Equitable: An Important Distinction for Health Care

Mark Twain famously quipped the difference between the almost right word and the right word is “the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” This is an important lesson to remember during global health discussions which sometimes, incorrectly, interchange “equality” and “equity.” Let’s examine the two terms to understand their importance in planning and implementing global health programs.

Latest InterAction in the News

Jan 09, 2017
Tom Hiddleston is trending on Twitter, and not for a good reason. Last night at the Golden Globes, he won a best actor award for the AMC series The Night Manager. But his acceptance speech didn't go over as well as his performance. Hiddleston recounted a visit he made to see medics from Doctors...
Jan 05, 2017
Drought alarm bells began to ring in Somalia in early November 2016. By late November, the Somalia NGO Consortium published a clear statement about what they saw happening in the African country — namely that Somalia went through a strikingly similar situation in 2011, when “two failed rain seasons...