As the largest alliance of international NGOs and partners in the United States, InterAction’s 190 members work in every country. Our mission is to be a leader in the global quest to eliminate extreme poverty and vulnerability, strengthen human rights and citizen participation, safeguard a sustainable planet, promote peace, and ensure dignity for all people. Learn more about InterAction. Please subscribe to our RSS Feed to receive updates on upcoming InterAction events, statements, advisories and more.

Latest News Releases

Sep 13, 2016
WASHINGTON -- InterAction—the largest U.S. alliance of international nongovernmental organizations—announced a commitment today by 31 of its members* to collectively invest over $1.2 billion in private resources on global humanitarian assistance efforts over the next three years. The pledge...
Sep 08, 2016
In light of extensive civilian casualties in Yemen, NGO alliance urges Congress to vote against additional U.S. government weapon sales in upcoming debate. WASHINGTON -- In advance of the expected congressional debate this week on the U.S. government's planned sale of additional weapons to Saudi...

Latest Issue Briefs and Reports

Sep 13, 2016
This report provides an overview of recommendations from the Initiative for Open Ag Funding related to which fields organizations should prioritize when publishing data to IATI, as well as proposed changes to the IATI Standard to make it more relevant to those working in the agricultural and food...
Sep 08, 2016
The conflict in Yemen between the government of President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the Houthis and their local allies has escalated significantly since the intervention by the Saudi-led coalition in March 2015, producing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. The United States and...

Latest Multimedia

Sep 23, 2016
Over the past year global refugee issues have dominated our news feeds, our televisions, and our conversations. Many of us work on these issues every day and have for years, but to the average citizen, the global refugee challenges just became front-page news.  In early September InterAction Vice...
Aug 10, 2016
On Monday, August 1, InterAction CEO Sam Worthington spoke at an event co-hosted by DACOR and UAA about the evolving role of U.S. NGOs. Video courtesy of DACOR.

Latest Member News

Jul 20, 2016
The international humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger is calling for full, immediate access to parts of Borno State in northeast Nigeria, where intense conflict has left people totally cut off from humanitarian assistance. After last week’s declaration by the Nigerian government of a...
Jul 09, 2016
The international humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger today expressed deep concern that ongoing insecurity, high food prices, and major food deficits have pushed large numbers of already vulnerable people in South Sudan over the edge, leaving them struggling to meet their basic survival...

Latest Blogs

Improving Global Health Through Mobile Technologies

Information and communications technology (ICT) has begun to infiltrate every aspect of the human experience. It is changing not only the way that we communicate and connect with one another, but how we access and deliver health services.

American Support for Humanitarian Assistance Reflected in $1.2 billion Pledge

I've often traveled to New York for the opening week of the UN General Assembly, but this year I'm honored to join other civil society leaders at President Barack Obama's Leaders' Summit on Refugees. And U.S. civil society, once again, has stepped up to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to helping affected people lift themselves out of hardship in a time of historic humanitarian need.

Latest InterAction in the News

Sep 23, 2016
There are places in the world where international aid workers simply can't operate — parts of Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia, for instance. Before the Terrain Hotel attack, South Sudan wasn't one of those no-go zones. And McCann cautions that this incident won't cause all aid agencies to pull...
Sep 22, 2016
Eighty-six percent of the world’s refugees are living in developing countries and it is particularly hard for those countries to meet refugees’ needs and provide them an education and a livelihood, according to a senior policy and legislative specialist at Catholic Relief Services. Overall, 65...