As the largest alliance of international NGOs and partners in the United States, InterAction’s 190 members work in every country. Our mission is to be a leader in the global quest to eliminate extreme poverty and vulnerability, strengthen human rights and citizen participation, safeguard a sustainable planet, promote peace, and ensure dignity for all people. Learn more about InterAction. Please subscribe to our RSS Feed to receive updates on upcoming InterAction events, statements, advisories and more.

Latest News Releases

Jul 12, 2016
On July 7, 2016,  Alicia Phillips Mandaville, InterAction's vice president for global development, testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at a hearing examining U.S. economic assistance. Phillips Mandaville's remarks focused on three broad questions: What drives and constrains...
Jun 30, 2016
Globally, almost 800 million people are hungry, and malnutrition causes half of all deaths of children under the age of 5 (nearly 3 million). Hunger and malnutrition rob women and men of healthy, productive lives, and stunt the mental and physical development of future generations. This underscores...

Latest Issue Briefs and Reports

Jul 25, 2016
The Saving Lives Together (SLT) initiative was created in recognition of the fact that the organisations of the UN Security Management System (UNSMS), International NonGovernmental Organisations (INGOs) and International Organisations (IOs) face similar security challenges when operating in...
Jul 20, 2016
This report presents the consolidated findings from the Initiative for Open Ag Funding’s consultations with donors, NGOs, and foundations to understand the investment data needs of those working in the agriculture and food security sector. While organizations need various types of data to make...

Latest Multimedia

Jun 13, 2016
Every year, InterAction presents the Julia Vadala Taft Outstanding Leadership Award to an individual whose career and vision has transcended his or her own organization by raising the influence and profile of the U.S. NGO sector as a whole.  InterAction is proud to award the 2016 Taft Award to...
Jun 03, 2016
Investing in food and nutrition security has a ripple effect across a community – and the world – improving health, education and economic opportunities that empower people.

Latest Member News

Jul 20, 2016
The international humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger is calling for full, immediate access to parts of Borno State in northeast Nigeria, where intense conflict has left people totally cut off from humanitarian assistance. After last week’s declaration by the Nigerian government of a...
Jul 09, 2016
The international humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger today expressed deep concern that ongoing insecurity, high food prices, and major food deficits have pushed large numbers of already vulnerable people in South Sudan over the edge, leaving them struggling to meet their basic survival...

Latest Blogs

Renovating and Revitalizing InterAction’s Space

Throughout 2016, InterAction has contemplated ways that our sector must adapt and evolve to remain effective. In these considerations, we began to realize that there were ways we could adapt – on a much more immediate scale – to better align with our mission as a convener. With this in mind, we have some exciting news to share.

Latest Efforts Moving Us Closer to Global Polio Eradication

The world could soon witness what has been called one of the largest internationally coordinated public health efforts in history; the eradication of polio from the planet.

Latest InterAction in the News

Apr 29, 2016
Raed Al Saleh has seen the city of Aleppo in dire straits before. As the head of theSyrian Civil Defense, he leads missions to find survivors after air raids and missile strikes. But this week even he was shocked by the intensity of the attacks. The past few days in Aleppo are the worst the city...
Apr 25, 2016
Raed Saleh, head of the Syrian Civilian Defense, a 2,800-strong team of volunteers who aid Syrians affected by shelling and barrel bomb attacks, arrived at Washington’s Dulles International Airport on Monday after a 10-hour flight from Istanbul.   Saleh was due to receive the 2016 Humanitarian...