At a Glance: Hurricane Harvey Member Updates

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On the night of August 25th, a devastating hurricane made landfall over Texas, causing catastrophic flooding that has left more than 30,000 Americans in need of shelter. The storm inflicted major damage along the Texas coastline and inundated local emergency responders.

As authorities in disaster response and coordination, InterAction’s members - whose work spans the globe -  are bringing their expertise to provide immediate relief to the millions impacted by Hurricane Harvey. InterAction is sharing updates from its members who are currently responding and perspectives from the affected communities in the wake of storm. If you are an InterAction member currently responding in Texas, you can share stories by submitting a post to the InterAction blog via the user login page. Please send any questions on how to contribute blogs or member news to


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Member Responses & Resources

Below is a collection of links to statements and updates from InterAction members.


Giving Children Hope Responds to Devastating Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast of Texas with winds up to 130 mph and rain levels hitting record highs on Friday. Throughout the day, we remained in contact with our partners in the Houston area to better understand the damage and the needs.

After discussing with our partners throughout the weekend, we knew we would be preparing relief items to send to victims of the hurricane. With 24 years of experience responding to natural disasters both internationally and domestically, we aim to provide ongoing relief and most-needed support for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

What did we learn from Katrina?

The below blog was written by Minor Sinclair, Director of the US Regional Office at Oxfam America.

It’s hard not to see Harvey, which hit land as a Category 4 Hurricane and then became a prolonged, enormous rainstorm, as a disaster that parallels to Hurricane Katrina, which struck nearly exactly this date in 2005. Minor Sinclair was on the ground in 2005, and offers insights on the challenges facing Houston.

BBF Responds to Hurricane Harvey

Brother's Brother Foundation (BBF) working with Gleaning For The World (GFTW) out of Richmond, Virginia is following the effects of Hurricane Harvey in the United States. GFTW, with the help of BBF, has positioned seven tractor trailer loads of cleaning supplies, thermo-blankets, and bottled water to be sent to nonprofits located in Dallas and Houston, Texas. Based on continuing needs, additional tractor trailer loads will follow. BBF is also working with colleague charity Medical Bridges based in Houston, Texas.