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The Importance of Learning from “Effects of Causes” and “Causes of Effects” in International Development

The British philosopher, John Stuart Mill, suggested two approaches to learning about “what works” in the real world: 1) forward causal questioning by studying “effects of causes” and 2) reverse causal investigation by studying “causes of effects.” Tracking and learning from both approaches to learning about “what works” should be prioritized in international development.

The Seventh Anniversary of the Syrian Conflict

The conflict in Syria began 7 years ago today. RI stands with the people of Syria, supporting refugee families living in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. 

Click on the articles below to learn more about RI's efforts to empower Syrian refugee families:

Education for Syrian Refugee Youth in Jordan:

Mental Health Services for Syrian Refugees in Turkey:

Better Health for Afghan Refugees

Fleeing turbulence and conflict in their own country, Afghans have been seeking refuge in Iran for roughly four decades. Today, Iran’s Afghan refugees number more than 3 million, a figure that makes it one of the largest refugee populations in the world.

Celebrating Women and Girls Around the World

Every year, the world celebrates International Women’s Day.

A Year for Global Activism

In response to the past year’s political and cultural flashpoints, more and more Americans, of many different stripes, have engaged in activism to stand up for their values. Disturbing news headlines hit with daily increasing frequency and one can see a world spiraling out of control. Yet we see an increase in individuals working to promote positive societal change both here and abroad. Some of these efforts make the news, most do not, but around the world individual citizens are organizing themselves to have a greater say over their lives and future.

For Lasting Peace, Involve Women In Decision-Making

After more than 50 years of armed conflict that resulted in over 218,000 casualties, nearly 7 million people displaced from their homes, and around 25,000 forced disappearances, the 2016 signing of a peace agreement in Colombia marked a promising new chapter in the nation’s histor

Tech Habits of Nonprofits Around the World

Brian Cute is the CEO of Public Interest Registry and  an InterAction Board Member

Public Interest Registry with our partner Nonprofit Tech for Good recently released the results of the third annual Global NGO Technology Report, a research project that analyzes how non-governmental organisations (NGOs) worldwide use web, email and mobile technology, online fundraising tools, and social media.