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Is female discrimination in the justice sector corruption?

We wish to improve the gender representation within the anti-corruption theory of change in the program we support in the Democratic Rrepublic of Congo (DRC); starting with action-research.

InterAction’s ‘Together Project’ to Protect Vulnerable NGOs

In January 2017, in partnership with a group of founding members (list below) and supported by leaders across our community, InterAction launched the Together Project Initiative. This endeavor represents a hub of advocacy and solidarity for U.S. based NGOs that provide vital development and humanitarian relief around the world and confront discrimination or targeted prejudicial regulations in the U.S. due to their operating principles or religious faith.

Rethinking WASH and Food Security: A Celebration of World Water Day and National Agriculture Day

According to the World Food Programme, around 795 million people all over the world are food insecure, or hungry. This staggering statistic may prompt many more questions. What is being done about this? Who is taking the most effective action? What are the consequences of this crisis, and how can we prevent this devastation in the future? On Monday, March 20, more than 60 congressional staffers and experts gathered in Washington, D.C. to explore those questions.

What Happens to My Data After I Add it to NGO Aid Map?

What happens to your data once you've added it to the map? You know that all active project data is populated onto But what you might not be aware of is that other sources gather and use the data you provide as well. We proactively seek out those who need data on NGO activities and ensure that our data is open and available to them.

Maintaining Faith in the Future

The past twenty-five years have been the best time for overall human well-being. International cooperation and a widespread commitment to advancing human dignity and well-being has resulted in sharp decreases in global poverty, child mortality, interstate conflict, and many other barriers to human wellbeing. We all know that massive gaps remain but as wealth has spread, opportunities have increased for millions. The resulting economic, cultural and personal exchanges have opened up new windows of understanding between people in different corners of the world.

International and Humanitarian Advocacy at the G7 & G20 Summits

In 2005, prior to the UK Gleneagles G8 Summit, InterAction began significant advocacy work on issues addressed at the annual G8 summits, focusing on debt cancellation for the most heavily-indebted poor countries. In 2009 InterAction expanded its advocacy efforts to influencing the newly-formed G20 summits. Today InterAction is as busy as ever on G7 and G20 advocacy, playing a leading role in encouraging these groups to address the needs of people in the world's poorest and most vulnerable countries.

Julien Schopp: We Must Not Forget the People of Congo

We don’t hear much about the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) these days. Headlines have been grabbed by more geopolitically relevant conflicts such as Syria or by more immediate heart-wrenching humanitarian crises like the impending famines in Somalia, Nigeria, Yemen or South Sudan.