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Supporting Mothers Through Education

This blog post was submitted by Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent Emerita, Wesleyan Church and founder of World Hope International

To Leverage NGO Resources, Partnerships with U.S. Government Must Change

Over the past year and a half, InterAction and the NGO community have successfully stood in solidarity to defend our values and maintain the role of development and humanitarian relief within U.S. foreign policy. Our values affirm the inherent dignity and rights of all people, including displaced persons or those who are marginalized. They also reflect a mandate to alleviate suffering and to promote human well-being and opportunity.

What’s the Foreign Agent Registration Act? We’ve Got Answers

The Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), a disclosure statute enacted in 1938, was designed to limit the influence of foreign governments and foreign “propaganda” in the United States. Congress is looking to update this legislation and strengthen its enforcement.

On April 23, InterAction and 45 member organizations submitted an open letter to Congress about FARA, calling for better targeting provisions that could adversely affect the NGO community.

InterAction Welcomes Distinguished Photographers

On May 3, InterAction welcomed five distinguished D.C.-based photographers to help judge our 16th annual Effective Assistance Photography Contest. This year’s judges will helped select the top photos from over 750 image submissions that capture the incredible moments with humanitarian and development space.  These photographers bring years of experience, and their photography captures everything from luxury fashion brands to distant cultures, and often serves as social commentary for some of today’s most pressing issues.

May Day or Mayday?: A Global Snapshot of Women Workers

The blog was written by Krista Bywater, PhD., Gender & Social Inclusion Specialist, World Vision

Together Project Hosts Positive Public Image Workshop

Do you stammer when hit by an unexpected question during an interview?

Have you ever found it difficult to succinctly express just what it is that your organization does?

Has it been a struggle to talk to your mother about your work involving “integrated approaches towards resilience” or “systems-level solutions”?

How Can We Be Heard If We Are Arrested?

By Agar Nana Mbianda, Achieve SDG5 Project Associate at Women Thrive Alliance

The piece was originally published on April 19, 2018, on Ms. Blog Magazine.