Best of 2015: Our Five Most Popular Blogs

2015 was a powerful and emotional year for storytelling. Accounts from the front lines of Ebola captured the power of human spirit and resistance, while ongoing coverage of the Sustainable Development Goals offered hope for the progress to come. With contributions from staff, members, partners, and academia, InterAction's blog mirrored civil society's conversations in 2015 and offered advice for those looking to further engage with the sector.

To reflect on the progress we have made over the past year, here are the top five most-read blogs of 2015. Can't get enough? Visit our newsroom to view the complete list of blogs published in 2015

1. Changing the Public Conversation About Global Development

There’s an old communications maxim that if you can name something, you can own the conversation around it. We see this all the time in our political discourse and even in culture and society. Think “War on Terror” or “Google” for that matter. Read more

2. Three Things to Consider When Posting Your Resume Online

Will a CV get more attention if posted to a wide range of job boards, or is less more when it comes to online posting? Our members increasingly ask this question as both general and niche job boards have cropped up around the world, spurred in part by more accessible and affordable website building tools. Read more

3. A Missing Piece in Local Ownership: Evaluation

Ten years ago, ownership was established as a key principle of aid effectiveness. Although understanding of ownership has evolved since then, today the focus is not on whether ownership is important but on how we can move ownership from principle to practice. Read more

4. New Goals for Reducing Disaster Risks

AmeriCares gathered with 40,000 people in Sendai, Japan, last month for the United Nations’ Third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). The goal of this high-level international meeting and public forum was to agree on a framework to significantly decrease death and destruction from earthquakes, extreme weather, and man-made and other hazards by 2030. Read more

5. 2015 G7 Summit: "Women Are The Focus Here"

The German G7 Presidency made history by including women's economic empowerment on the 2015 agenda. Now that the summit is over, how do the outcomes measure up?  Read more

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