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As government policies affecting immigrants and asylum seekers worsen, InterAction Community must be the example of American compassion

InterAction is an American coalition comprised of a globally minded community of organizations. Over generations, our member NGOs were founded by communities in the United States that were called to service, informed by both secular and religious values, to advance human dignity and compassion. This Independence Day marked a time when many Americans may be questioning whether our country is willing to be compassionate to others, particularly towards marginalized individuals who are asking for our help.

Reflections from Forum 2018

With an increasing partisan divide throughout our nation and the world, it's important to tell your story. I acknowledge that it is easier said than done, but after attending Forum 2018 I cannot stress how vital it is to share your passions with the world. 

What others can learn from Age Demand Action

It takes a long time for governments in Africa to develop policies, but Age Demands Action has become a useful platform that older people use to continuously engage policy makers with proven results.

7 Steps to Combat Disinformation

International NGOs and civil society are increasingly vulnerable to online campaigns that spread false information. These disinformation attacks are designed to intentionally cause division and confusion, disparage targeted organizations and their leaders, and promote inaccurate views about the communities they support.

InterAction Forum: Courage of Our Convictions

At InterAction Forum 2018, leaders of member organizations, Islamic Relief USA, Catholic Relief Services, American Jewish World Service, and CARE, shared individual accounts of how our community came together to oppose legislation threatening to defund one of our partners in the fall of 2017.

Featured Speakers:

Anwar Khan, President, Islamic Relief USA

Michele Broemmelsiek, Vice President, Systems and Operations, Catholic Relief Services

InterAction's 16th Annual Photo Contest Winners

InterAction is pleased to announce the winners of our 16th Annual Effective Assistance Photography Contest.

Seven CEOs Join InterAction's Board of Directors

Leaders from seven leading international relief and development organizations were recently appointed to the InterAction board of directors.

These individuals and their organizations are committed to addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our day - from human rights violations to poverty, to hunger and disease.

Learn more about our newest board members: