Collaborating to #EndHunger and Pass the Global Food Security Act of 2016

Momo Mystafa

The passage of the Global Food Security Act of 2016 by the U.S Congress represents an impressive feat in collective action and collaboration to #endhunger. Over the course of almost a decade, organizations of all types and sizes connected to mobilize advocates, schedule meetings with members of Congress, host briefings with Capitol Hill staff, and discuss strategy together. It was all for the goal of helping smallholder producers continue their hard work to provide for their families.

Among many other things, InterAction coordinated statements of support among our members and partners to show both the House of Representatives and the Senate that nearly 70 organizations and their vocal supporters were behind this effort. Related statements from the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities and AGree as well as a statement from faith-based organizations, including the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Catholic Relief Services, showed that support for this bill came from all corners of the country. InterAction also coordinated a social media campaign using #no1hungry that connected members of Congress, faith leaders, NFL players, professional chefs and thousands of public citizens who care deeply about ending hunger and malnutrition.

With all of these partnerships across diverse stakeholder groups, we were able to work together toward one goal: passing legislation designed to end hunger and malnutrition worldwide. With the help of Congressional champions, we elevated the legislation and topics of food security and nutrition on the U.S. foreign affairs agenda and brought much needed recognition to the successes and developments of Feed the Future over the past six years.

Beyond advocating in Washington D.C., our member organizations work in partnership with local communities abroad to build the foundations for healthy families. Knowledge and expertise from smallholder producers coupled with the resources of supporting organizations is a formula for long-lasting impact. While people cannot help where they are born, they are determined to help their families reach their full potential.

We can #endhunger by committing to the new Food Secure 2030 vision and continuing to engage with all U.S. government agencies implementing this comprehensive strategy to fight hunger, malnutrition, and poverty around the world.