Heart to Heart International Responds to Hurricane Harvey

Photo courtesy of Heart to Heart International
This blog was written by Steven Hammerli.
Hurricane Harvey became the nation’s first Category 4 landfall in almost 12 years, hammering the Texas Gulf Coast with an extremely dangerous combination of torrential rainfall, storm-surge flooding and destructive winds this weekend.

Harvey is expected to stall for a few days, leading to dangerous flooding in Texas and Louisiana.

Heart to Heart International (HHI) had a disaster response team and mobile medical unit deploy Friday, August 25th, from Kansas City to arrive in Texas ahead of the storm. HHI is working with local partners to identify areas of greatest need and provide medical support and aid distribution.

HHI’s Disaster Response Team first stop was Belton Texas Expo Center to drop off hygiene and health kits. The Expo and Bell County Sheriff’s Department have set up a response center to help those that evacuated from Hurricane Harvey and needed assistance. HHI’s timing was perfect because the county was about to go buy hygiene kits for their guests.

On Saturday, The DRT team was located in Corpus Christi, Texas. HHI and Convoy of Hope have teamed up to supply much-needed water, supplies, hygiene/health kits and minor medical care/Tetanus shots.  Extra hygiene kits are needed in the hardest hit areas.  If your company, church or school would like to assemble hygiene kits, please go to powrserv.org for more information.

Over 1,159 cars, with multiple families, showed up for the Hurricane Harvey relief in Victoria, Texas on Monday. Even larger groups are expected Tuesday and Wednesday. HHI has given lots of Tetanus shots and treated minor injuries. All of this is being done with no power and water in 85% of the town.

Distribution opened at 10am on Tuesday the 29th, the people helped will easily exceed Mondays numbers. 40+ tetanus shots were given that morning and all kinds of minor injuries were treated. Victoria continues to be without power and is under a boil order. HHI is shipping bottled water and other supplies, with transportation donated by FedEx. The first shipment arrived today.

As of Wednesday, August 30th, 2,500 cars have gone through the Hurricane Harvey response site. Additional non-profit organizations are starting to show up and offer complementing services. The Mobile Medical Unit has had a crowd around it all day. Part of the town now has power, but we are still running on a generator. Donations are still the main need as we purchase fuel for the generator and need to replenish supplies on the medical unit. Thank you for your support!

Thank you to all of our supporters that continue to help keep HHI ready to respond quickly and efficiently.  Special thanks to Sanofi Foundation for North America for their support to HHI to ensure that the MMU is “ready to deploy” during US crisis – like Harvey.

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