InterAction's 16th Annual Photo Contest Winners

InterAction is pleased to announce the winners of our 16th Annual Effective Assistance Photography Contest.

Each year, InterAction’s photography contest focuses on incredible humanitarian and development work. These images capture powerful stories of hope, independence, and future possibilities, and this year was no exception. For each of our three categories—best photo taken on a mobile phone, best photo of youth potential, and best photo of women’s empowerment—the submissions we received expertly illustrated innovative, effective, and inspiring efforts in development and international relief.

This year, we received over 750 entries from individuals all over the world. After narrowing the submissions down, five professional photographers from the DC area were tasked with selecting each of the Three Categories winners and our Grand Prize winner. The winning photos can be viewed below.

Thank you to all our participants for submitting your incredible photos this year.

Best Photo Taken on a Mobile Phone: “Equal at Per” by Amitava Chandra (CC BY-NC)

The women-controlled fuel-station is a step ahead of the paradigm of women empowerment. In the regime of gender bias and inequality, it provides a farm-foothold for the youth and bigger dreams.

 Runner-up: "Journey to School" by Anindya Phani (CC BY-NC)


Best Photo of Youth Potential: “Shidda” by Antonio Aragon Renuncio (CC BY-NC)

A girl prepares a meal for her sick siblings in the community kitchen of the Don Orione de Bombouaka Center for disabled children in Togo, West Africa. The center takes in around 70 children, mostly of them neglected, with profound physical or intellectual disabilities and provides specialized and personalized care to improve their quality of life. Children with disabilities, especially girls, run a high risk of being physically, emotionally, and sexually abused, as well as being abandoned by their families. There is a perception in their communities that disabilities are due to a divine punishment: the result of the sins committed by the parents, an act of the devil, or sorcery committed by the child. Minors who suffer from a disability are considered "supernatural," "strangers," or "demons." In some areas of the country, children with cerebral palsy are known as "snakes" because they lie on the ground. These little ones are drowned in the river in rituals "for the serpent to leave."

1st Runner-up: "Chasing Dreams" by Daniel C. White (CC BY-NC)

2nd Runner-up: "Friends" by Suvro Paul (CC BY-NC)


Best Photo of Women’s Empowerment: “Where Sky is Limit” by Biswajit Patra (CC BY-NC)

Children and nature are two interrelated terms that, when they survive together, produce a marvel. As the concept of development is engulfing our brain, we are slowly losing the fine touch of nature, and thus endangering our race towards extinction. Unlike this hard reality, the picture strikes our mind with magic of visual relief where children, especially women folk, find themselves in the vast lap of nature where sky merges with water in a beautiful afternoon of autumn. The beauty of nature beholds with a vision, that these girls are born free and can reach the sky with their ambition even after their existence on the material world.

1st Runner-up: "Yet Another Day" by Sujit Saha (CC BY-NC)

2nd Runner-up: "Women at Work" by Avishek Das (CC BY-NC)


Grand Prize winner: “Blue” by Arez Ghaderi (CC BY-NC)

These people live in the city margin of Bandar Khamir. They are in a very difficult situation and are destitute. Despite the difficulties, they are hopeful and always try to do the best for their own lives.