NGO Aid Map’s Data Quality Award

NGO Aid Map aims to increase the amount of publicly available data on international development and humanitarian response by providing detailed project information through an interactive website. That’s our mission; but what’s our purpose?

At InterAction, we see the function of NGO Aid Map as multifaceted. We provide this information so anyone and everyone (NGOs, governments, academia, donors, the media, and the private sector) can use it however they need to. It’s why our data is downloadable. It’s why we created our custom report tool. It’s why we introduced a map embed function. But after seven years of encouraging NGOs to add project information to our platform, we continue to ask ourselves: are visitors to the website really using this data?

The answer is yes…and no. Through member surveys and conversations with partners, we’ve discovered that the incompleteness of the information found on NGO Aid Map has limited the usefulness of the data. We’ve grappled with this tricky question of use for some time now. And while we have created visualizations and encouraged InterAction members to provide information on more than the 7 required data fields, incomplete data is still a problem.

That’s why 10,690 projects later we are fully focusing on use and launching the Data Quality Award. We are asking our members to not only commit to aid transparency by adding their data to NGO Aid Map, but to commit to data use by providing quality information.

The Data Quality Award will encourage InterAction members to improve the quality of their data through a comprehensive evaluation of the data they provide to NGO Aid Map. This will be a 5 month process, beginning with a preliminary evaluation of the data InterAction members have already provided, and allowing them to improve over time. The evaluation will be based on three of NGO Aid Map’s four dimensions of data quality: comprehensiveness, completeness and timeliness. The winner will receive a $10,000 cash award, sponsored by FedEx.

The first deadline for InterAction member's is June 15th. Contact with any questions.

NGO Aid Map will provide updates on the Data Quality Award via InterAction’s blog. Stay tuned and follow #QualityAidData for more information.