Renovating and Revitalizing InterAction’s Space

Throughout 2016, InterAction has contemplated ways that our sector must adapt and evolve to remain effective. In these considerations, we began to realize that there were ways we could adapt – on a much more immediate scale – to better align with our mission as a convener. With this in mind, we have some exciting news to share. InterAction renegotiated a 10-year lease with our current  building, and as part of the agreement, we will be remodeling our space to allow for more meetings and conferences.  The new space will not only be efficient for our staff and internal operations, but will help with our increased need to convene and host more external high-level meetings. Sponsored largely by the building owners, this renovation will create a modern and welcoming space for members and the broader community to organize and collaborate. InterAction looks forward to reopening its doors to the second-floor suite at the end of December 2016.

For those with questions, please read this brief FAQ. We look forward to hosting many integral, challenging, and stimulating conversations and events in the coming years, and thank you all for your patience during this transition period in the upcoming months. Here’s to positive change!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will InterAction staff be during the renovation? How do we contact them?

The four month process does require a temporary – and complementary – staff relocation within the existing location. InterAction staff will be split – Finance and Administration, Communications, and Membership and Standards will be located in the lower level, suite B120, of 1400 16th St. NW. Public Policy, Global Development Practice, Humanitarian Policy and Practice, and the Executive Office will be on the first floor of the adjacent building, 1616 P St. NW. No staff will remain in the second-floor suite during renovations. Staff phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.

Where will our InterAction working group meetings and events be held? Does this change the reservation process?

For this short period of time, we will utilize the large meeting space on the first floor of our 1400 16th St. NW building. However, our smaller meeting spaces will be limited, and some meetings will be held off site. Your working group managers and co-chairs will communicate more detail in the coming weeks.

What can we expect from the new office?

The renovated office will have more of an open concept feel, which will let in more light and increase energy within the space. We are excited to expand our convening space to two large conference rooms and two smaller conference rooms – complete with updated technology and furnishings. When guests walk in, there will be a large reception area, complete with a coffee bar and comfortable seating. There will also be two private phone rooms, should anyone need to make a call. We hope these changes will create a more inspiring and open environment for our staff, members, and partners.

Sam Worthington 
Lindsay Coates
CEO of InterAction President of InterAction