Spotlight on Somalia - What NGOs Should Know

Director of Somalia NGO Consortium Abdurahman Sharif explains the crises currently affecting the country, including expected El Niño conditions.

For the people of Somalia, expected El Niño conditions threaten to compound an already fragile humanitarian situation.

The heavy rainfall increases the risk for widespread flooding – a scenario that could be devastating for a country that is already challenged with deteriorating health systems, malnutrition, an influx of refugees, and widespread internal displacement due to conflict, forced evictions, and natural causes.

Abdurahman Sharif is the director of the Somalia NGO Consortium, a network of international and local NGOs working in Somalia. While in the U.S. for the OCHA Global Policy Forum, Sharif agreed to sit down with me to discuss the crises currently affecting Somalia, the challenges NGOs face when providing assistance, and what he would like U.S. NGO staff to know about the humanitarian situation in Somalia.

1. Can you please give a brief overview of the crisis currently affecting Somalia?

2. What challenges and operational constraints do NGOs face when providing humanitarian assistance in Somalia?

3. What are you hoping to accomplish on this trip to the U.S.? What do you want U.S. NGO staff to understand?