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Welcome New InterAction Members

Not only did we kickoff InterAction’s Forum with three former heads of state, InterAction had the privilege of welcoming eight new organizations into our membership. These newest members truly represent the breadth and depth of both InterAction’s work and the work of our collective NGO community, from providing medical supplies to humanitarian projects worldwide to supporting clean water projects in Ethiopia to advocating for the democratization of international development finance.

It is my pleasure to introduce InterAction’s eight new members:

This Is Not Business As Usual: The 2017 G20 Summit

The 2017 G20 Summit kicked off earlier today in Hamburg, Germany. Heads of state from the world’s leading economies are convening at Hamburg Messe, the city’s exhibition and trade fair center, on July 7-8 to discuss global priorities. Beyond the usual focus on economic, financial, climate, trade, employment, and development issues, G20 leaders are also expected to address a variety of other issues of global significance such as migration and refugee flows, and counter-terrorism.

A Major Public Health Milestone on the Horizon: Sierra Leone's Progress towards Eliminating River Blindness

River blindness (onchocerciasis) has been known to humankind since “biblical times.” It was second only to cataract as a cause of blindness in Sierra Leone until recently – It used to be so common in some highly-affected riverside villages that people accepted the inevitability of visual impairment from their mid-30s. The parasite that causes onchocerciasis, Onchocerca volvulus, was first identified in 1874 and its transmission as larvae by blackflies was first documented in 1926 in Sierra Leone.

Civil 20 Summit: The World We Want

Over the past six months, the German organized C20 (Civil 20) created and facilitated six thematic working groups tasked with the development of the C20 policy recommendations. These recommendations, shared with G20 governments and sherpas, encompassed seven priority areas: Agriculture and Food SecurityEnvironment and Water

Fighting Malnutrition in Remote Pockets of Yemen

Separated from healthcare and clean water by conflict, nearly 15 million Yemenis — half the country’s population — are in desperate need of basic medical attention. Another 4.5 million lie on the brink of famine.

Moving from Ideas to Implementation Together

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development sets forth 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) designed to eradicate poverty and inequalities by 2030. Together, Women Thrive Alliance and Habitat for Humanity not only embrace the holistic approach the framework presents and the interlinkages of all goals, we especially support goals 5 and 11.

Health Care and Clean Water for Conflict-Affected Syrians

As the Syrian civil war stumbles through its seventh year, over 11 million people have been forced from their homes. With health and sanitation systems destroyed, polluted water, poor hygiene and reduced access to medical care, much of the country has become a breeding ground for infectious diseases. Displaced from their homes without clean water, health care or work to sustain them, many Syrians also face extreme malnutrition.