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10 Global Crises Too Big for Trump to Ignore

In a move to put “America First,” the Trump administration has put forward a budget proposal that aims to cut funds to foreign aid by a roughly a third — endangering not only U.S. values, but U.S. interest, abroad.

Famine Threatens East Africa

A persistent drought has left nearly 23 million people across the Horn of Africa without enough to eat. In South Sudan, hundreds of thousands are trying to survive famine. Nearly half the country—or 4.9 million people—are now going hungry. That number will grow when the “lean season” arrives in July, just before harvest and as food reserves have been exhausted.

The world’s last declared famine, which lasted from 2010 to 2012 in Somalia, resulted in 260,000 deaths.

Five ways American foreign aid saves Syrian lives

American aid is a mighty defense against conflict, poverty and despair, especially in countries where war and violence has forced millions to flee from the places they once called home.

President Trump has proposed large cuts to foreign aid at a time of desperate need. In Syria alone, 13.5 million people require urgent humanitarian assistance, as do the 4.8 million who have fled to neighboring countries.

The road to Taormina: building the foundations of renewed trust

With just over two months until the G7 member states convene for the 43rd summit in Taormina, Italy, ministerial meetings are well underway, the priorities have been identified by the host nation, and civil society organizations are engaging with governments to influence the outcome. 

The Italian G7 presidency has established its mission – building the foundations of renewed trust - and published its priorities. Italy aims to achieve its mission through three core pillars:   

OpenAg at IATI Technical Advisory Group

Jambo! Last week OpenAg joined many other members of the IATI Community (over 150!) in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to participate in TAG 2017, the meeting of the Technical Advisory Group.

How cutting lifesaving foreign aid could hurt the U.S.

The International Rescue Committee has called President Trump’s proposed cuts to United States government foreign aid as "counterproductive and ill-timed."

Such steep cuts—roughly one third—send a clear message to the world’s most vulnerable: you are not welcome in America, and America will not help you where you are.