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Tech Habits of Nonprofits Around the World

Brian Cute is the CEO of Public Interest Registry and  an InterAction Board Member

Public Interest Registry with our partner Nonprofit Tech for Good recently released the results of the third annual Global NGO Technology Report, a research project that analyzes how non-governmental organisations (NGOs) worldwide use web, email and mobile technology, online fundraising tools, and social media.

#TimeIsNow: International Women’s Day 2018

Sorting olives, picking peaches and cultivating fields across a vast agro-industrial complex outside Meknes, Morocco, Hayat Khomssi says women workers like her once did not have access to higher-skilled jobs and leadership positions.

Female Surgeons Leading the Way

This article is authored by Jeff Whisenant, President and CEO of ReSurge International, an international NGO based in northern California that to train the next generation of reconstructive surgeons in Africa, Latin America and Asia. 

The challenges facing women interested in a surgical career are daunting anywhere. For women in developing countries, those challenges are far greater. Yet, it is these countries that are in most need of additional surgical expertise.

Indigenous People: Human Trafficking’s Overlooked Casualties

Victims of human trafficking by definition are vulnerable and marginalized. Arguably, no one belongs to this exploited group in more disproportionate numbers than the world’s indigenous populations.

An estimated 370 million people –– 5 percent of the global population –– are indigenous. They’re members of distinct cultures and social and political systems who lived on their lands long before the first colonizers and settlers arrived.

How Can We Turn Youth Away from a Violent Future?

What would cause a young person to voluntarily join a violent extremist group, such as Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, or Abu Sayyaf?

InterAction and Humentum Announce New Partnership for Member Organization Benefits

Humentum and InterAction are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Vendor Centric to develop a new, cutting-edge member benefit – a Members Only Co-op.  As untied resources continue to shrink forcing organizations to make critical budget decisions, this co-op will unlock the possibilities for members to have access to products and services at reduced rates. In addition, the co-op will help organizations reach greater efficiency and take much of the guess work out of vendor vetting.

Diversity Makes America Great: We Are a Nation of Immigrants

Two and a half years ago, the world was arrested by an image—the body of three-year-old Alan Kurdi on a Turkish beach.  He and his family came from the northern Syrian town of Kobani, the site of fierce fighting between Islamic State insurgents and Kurdish forces at the time. Many Americans saw both the pain and the unnecessary suffering caused by dangerous and unsupported migration. Compassion and horror flowed in equal measure, though still not enough is changing today. As evidenced by recent U.S.