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Women’s Rights Made a Difference in Tunisia, but What Now?

What made Tunisia successful in their revolution? One possible contribution is advanced women’s right in the country.

Spending Cuts Short-Sighted, Bad for America's Future

We have seen two starkly different approaches to funding the U.S. government’s civilian engagement in the world this week.

Non-Communicable Diseases: a New Trend in Global Health Priorities?

What do cancer, diabetes, and heart disease have in common? People want all of these diseases addressed in the global health arena.

Defense and International Affairs Budgets: Some Perspective

Washington DC is currently abuzz with budget facts and figures as policymakers and pundits alike try and get their arms around the current budget tangle. Perspective is key, though, to understanding where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

Egypt's Tremors Felt in Gaza

There is little doubt the events unfolding in Cairo are reverberating across the region. The impact is not just political.

Confronting New Realities in Washington: InterAction Foreign Assistance Briefing Book

InterAction, the alliance of U.S.-based nongovernmental organizations involved in international relief and development, prepares its Foreign Assistance Briefing Book (aka the FABB) biannually to coincide with the January arrival of a new Congress. The second version was released last month into a radically different environment than the first.

Scouting Expedition for G8 Summit Locations

On Tuesday, January 31st a reconnaissance team from InterAction took the train to Deauville, France, site of the May G8 summit, and Trouville, its neighboring town to scout potential locations for the G8 summit international media center and possible sites for international NGOs who will be attending the summit.