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Scaling Innovations: Perspectives from the NGO Community

Innovations are one of the driving forces behind accelerating effective development. They can offer new approaches to address complex development challenges in a way that is more efficient, sustainable, and less costly. Ultimately, innovations play an important role in the future success of development.

3 Technologies That Are Transforming Learning in Developing Countries

Innovations in technology continually change the way people learn. And now, in an age when mobile-broadband networks reach nearly 85 percent of people around the world, technology is democratizing learning in developing countries—especially for youth and those living in rural areas.

For EDC’s Steve Anzalone, who has spent his career at the intersection of technology and education, the most transformative technologies engage learners, enhance the learning process, and are practical and cheap to deliver.

Report from Aleppo: Working to Provide Relief as Violence Intensifies

I have just travelled back from Aleppo, where the situation continues to plummet to even greater lows.

When I was there nearly 100 mortars fell on west Aleppo in a couple of days. While at the same time, only a few hundred meters away we witnessed the unrelenting bombardment of the eastern side of the city.

My colleagues told me that they hid in bathrooms and basements as the attacks continued. There was little sleep that night. The very same staff came to work in the morning with the same energy, as if it was just an ordinary night.

A Plea from Aleppo: "Please Save Us"

"Please save us."

This is the only message we received from our Syrian colleagues in Aleppo in the last days. Hearing no news from them last weekend, we were concerned as the humanitarian situation deteriorated and the government gained control of the city. The message they sent did little to reassure us.

"After this, we don’t know what will happen or how we can survive," wrote a Syrian humanitarian worker.

Best of 2016: Our Five Most Popular Blogs

What a year! To date, 2016 has seen many major accomplishments, such as the passing of the Global Food Security Act, and moments that challenged us, such as Hurricane Matthew and the ongoing crisis in Syria.

Lessons from InterAction’s First President and CEO, Peter Davies

I came to InterAction in September 2016 as an intern with the communications team. I had no prior NGO experience, and began working with only what I learned from my classes at American University, where I was a sophomore studying international relations. My classes had fostered my interest in NGOs and thus, I was glad to be thrown into the thick of things. I knew relatively little about InterAction on my first day; I had done preliminary research prior to my interviews for the job, yet only had a hazy idea of what type of programs they conducted.

Creative Ways Funders Can Approach the Refugee Crisis

Understanding how to use philanthropic resources to address the refugee crisis was the focus of this discussion on the current global situation and the mounting humanitarian assistance challenges.