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Why Multilateral Institutions Still Matter

Earlier this month I, along with Sean Callahan, president and CEO of Catholic Relief Services, represented the InterAction Community at the meeting of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) in Geneva. The meeting brought together the heads of 11 UN agencies — from UNHCR and UNICEF to the World Food Program and World Health Organization — along with the leadership of the International Red Cross and other major international NGO platforms, to discuss the ongoing humanitarian crises taking place around the world.  

Empowering Communities Through Handwashing & Entrepreneurship

Last week was National Handwashing Awareness Week here in the U.S., just in time for holiday gatherings and peak flu season. While a little soap and water can help Americans prevent common illnesses like the flu, they also have the potential to dramatically change the lives of people in developing countries.

Conflict Displacing Thousands in Southern Ethiopia: Report

For the past year, southern Ethiopia has been in the midst of a major humanitarian crisis. Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians have been displaced due to intercommunal violence, as a result of deep-rooted ethnic disputes over land and borders.  Promoting a positive change in the political landscape of the country, the new government led by prime minister Abiy Ahmed has shown a will to openly collaborate with humanitarian organizations and UN agencies to handle this crisis.

What You Need to Know about the Protection of Civilians During U.S. Partnered Operations

The United States often relies on military partners—allied forces or non-state armed groups—to pursue its strategic objectives. Yet these partnerships can increase the risks posed to civilian populations in armed conflict, including injury, trauma, displacement, even death. A new report, The Protection of Civilians in U.S.

Fighting poverty with data

This blog was written by Steve Hollingworth, president and CEO of Grameen Foundation.

In Kenya, a mother's love, a daughter's bravery

This blog post was written by Kieran McConville, Communications Officer at Concern Worldwide US

On a trip to Kenya, we found a living definition of bravery and determination: Chiluke Ali and her daughter Botu. They are far from the action-hero stereotype, but they are making the kind of impact that requires true heroism.


Together, Chiluke and Botu Ali have made a stand and said “no more” to a tradition deeply ingrained in their culture, regarded by many as sacred.

Mounting Challenges Won't Deter NGO Community

The environment in which the U.S. NGO community and its global partners operate in has been rife with changes and challenges over the last two years. Yet, in the face of growing international crises associated with fragility, decreased tolerance of civil society, increased hatred and racism, and political threats to budgets, our community has persisted and stood together in solidarity.