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Heading to The Hill: Engaging U.S. policymakers on the Together Project priorities

Launched in January of this year, InterAction’s Together Project is an initiative designed to create a hub of solidarity and advocacy for U.S.-based NGOs confronting targeted regulations or discrimination, owing to their operating principles or religious faith.

Lessons From London

The last week of June was a great week for open aid data. From June 28-30, Open Ag partners, software developers, donors and civil society representatives met in London (again!) to talk about tools for better data.

Despite Friction over Climate and Trade, G20 Leaders Find Points of Consensus (G20 Summit Recap Part 2/2)

While discussions on climate and trade dominated the summit – and headlines – G20 leaders addressed a wide range of other issues at this year’s summit. Beyond making declarations in the leaders’ communiqué, G20 leaders also make commitments that are noted elsewhere, often in annexes attached to the communiqué or in altogether separate documents.

Contentious Talks on Climate and Trade dominate G20 Summit (G20 Summit Recap Part 1/2)

On June 7-8 G20 leaders met in Hamburg, Germany for the 2017 G20 Summit, in what turned out to be a fractious two-day meeting. As I wrote in a recent post, predictions for the summit were that it would be hampered by disagreement among the G20 leaders on a variety of issues, particularly trade and climate change.

Maintaining a Moral Argument for Foreign Aid

Thank you to everyone who joined us at InterAction Forum 2017. It is inspiring to come together as a community to reflect on and reaffirm the values and principles that tie us together and motivate us to change the lives of vulnerable and marginalized people.

Kenya's Domestic Workers Find Hope with Union

Like many women in Mombasa, Kenya, Alice Mwadzi says for years she barely eked out a living. A lack of jobs in the port city for many means a constant struggle to survive—selling fruit on busy highways or hauling carts stacked with heavy water containers through congested streets—involving long hours of often back-breaking work for nearly no pay.

Forum Plenary Speakers Emphasize The Importance Of Partnerships

There were many opportunities to learn about the humanitarian and development community at this year’s InterAction Forum. The event featured four plenary sessions with humanitarian and development leaders and experts. The overall message of the Forum was about the importance of development groups working together for their common mission. Here are some of the things the speakers said during each of the sessions that caught my attention:

United We Stand