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Global Poor Need Protection Against Rising Food Prices

After seven straight months of growth, global food prices are now at their highest levels since records began.

Global Health and American Moral Power

“After all we had been through, it reminded me that there were still good people in the world.”

A Roadmap for Muslim Philanthropy

The theme of the Fourth World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists was “defining the roadmap for Muslim giving into the next decade.” Philanthropy is integral in the Muslim faith, which stipulates alms giving (zakat) of 2.5 percent of income or possessions to the poor and underprivileged.

Working Together to Rebuild Haiti

Even before the earthquake, Haiti was not equipped to provide adequate healthcare services to its disabled population. When the earthquake struck, need for these services increased dramatically.

Fiscal Fools

As I contemplate the short-sighted slashing of the international affairs budget proposed by the House Republican budget resolution, I find myself thinking about the Midas muffler guy from the old commercial, who says to the camera in a droll voice, with a shrug: “You can pay me now… or you can pay me later.”  In the commercial, that translates as “You can pay me a little bit now to keep your car’s engine in good condition… or you can be a fool, save that little bit now, and pay me 10 times as much later when your car’s engine seizes up and needs a massive overhaul because you haven’t taken

Floods in Pakistan Expose Chronic Poverty, Injustice

Last summer’s massive floods swept through and destroyed lives, houses, crop lands and road infrastructure, causing enormous suffering and damage across an area the size of Italy. The disaster has drawn a significant emergency and recovery response from many international NGOs, taking them to often remote areas where any kind of aid had been sparse for many years.