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Not A Watershed, But Progress At G20 In Cannes

CANNES – The end of the G20 summit in Cannes was a blur of activity as an army of reporters scoured through piles of official documents to make sense of the outcome. It was a scene made all the more surreal by the décor in the media center – fluorescent lime carpeting and rows of puce green tables.

Joining reporters trying to figure out the results were about 100-plus accredited NGOs, including InterAction. After days of rumors over what might be in the communiqué, we finally had something firm to respond to.

Getting The NGO Message Heard By President Sarkozy

PARIS - French President Nicolas Sarkozy was clearly in his element as he pointed a finger at the French NGO leader:  "You and I understand each other,” he said.

NGO leaders representing civil society from the North and South, met the French president on Wednesday to discuss core development priorities ahead of the two-day G20 summit in Cannes, which starts today (Thursday). A team of InterAction staff is at the G20 in  Cannes, seeking to get our issues heard and the meeting with President Sarkozy is part of that mission.

What Will History Say About The G20 In Cannes?

CANNES, France – Giant billboards pasted all over Cannes this week declare "history is being written" at G20 meetings held here on Thursday and Friday. Walking along the Boulevard de la Croisette to the impressive Palais des Festivals complex where the summit is being held, I wondered (cynically I admit) who history will say benefit most from these meetings on the Riviera Coast. Will it be the clientele and owners of the high-end boutiques that line the star-studded boulevard – Gucci, Chanel or Dior?

Famine Is Manmade. So Is Resilience.

Drought is natural. Famine is manmade. 

 This is the resounding lesson of today’s crisis in the Horn of Africa, and one that the world must learn. The documentary ViewChange: Africa’s Last Famine by Oxfam America and Link TV's brings that lesson home, exploring ways for poor people to increase their food security while educating viewers on why famine is caused by more than drought.

Want To Shape The Conversation At The 2012 Forum?

It may seem like the 2011 Forum just ended, but the next one is right around the corner! April 30 through May 2, 2012, over 1,000 NGO professionals from around the globe will be gathering at the Marriot Crystal Gateway in Arlington, VA. Attendees will get the opportunity to participate in conversations around the most pressing issues facing our community.

Yemen Campaign Encourages Students To Go Back To School

Yemen’s education officials faced a two-pronged crisis. Political instability and street protests caused parents to doubt that schools would open in September, compounding an existing problem of low levels of enrollment, particularly among girls.

As the new school year approached, the Education Ministry asked Counterpart and other non-governmental organizations to help with a back-to-school campaign informing parents that the academic year would start on schedule.

Give This Your Stamp Of Disapproval

You might have heard that legislation being considered in Congress could have devastating effects on nonprofits’ ability to do urgently needed work. If passed, the Postal Reform Act (H.R. 2309) would mean the near elimination of the nonprofit rate discount -- from 40 percent to 10 percent over six years. This would equate to an immediate postage rate increase on the order of 10 percent.