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Through The Lenses Of Babes

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term “Out of the mouths of babes.” A lot of the things that adults either ignore or talk around, kids will zero right in on and ask about outright. This made a photo essay I saw on The Guardian’s blog this week particularly intriguing.

Video: Meeting Emergency Needs Of Refugees In Ethiopia

August 17, 2011 (Washington, D.C.) — The Jesuit Refugee Service Emergency Needs Program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, serves the needs of asylum-seekers and refugees from Somalia and elsewhere in Africa who seek to escape famine, war and persecution in their homelands. The program was established in 1997, initially as a parish outreach program, and became the ENP in 2004.

Learn more about the Emergency Needs Program on the Jesuit Refugee Service/USA website.

Workshop Summary: Innovative Financing for Development Opportunities

The Thursday afternoon workshop moderated by John Ruthrauff, InterAction’s Director of International Advocacy, brought up many interesting issues about innovative financing that could provide funding for new development opportunities.

Workshop Summary: Outside The Beltway - Building Statewide Collaboration on Development

Want to build a strong statewide coalition of nonprofits, businesses, academic institutions and governmental agencies focused on global development?  If so, talk to Bookda Ghesir, executive director of Global Washington, and Carol Welch, senior program manager for Policy and Advocacy at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Workshop Summary: The New Metrics Of Social Media

Over the last decade, the landscape that NGOs use to communicate with their constituents has shifted dramatically. Instead of organizations and the media being “gatekeepers” and deciding what the public hears, today everyone is at the microphone thanks to social media. But how do you measure your impact? Heather Holdridge, Fenton Communications’ vice president for digital in their D.C. office, and Victoria Marzilli, new media specialist for Oxfam America, examined this issue in an engaging panel at InterAction’s Forum.

Plenary Summary: Staying Honest With Donors And The Public

The Thursday luncheon plenary---Tough Times, Good Times--Staying Honest with Donors and the Public---began with the presentation of InterAction's annual Excellence Award for International Reporting to Josh Rogin of Foreign Policy magazine and its daily "The Cable" blog. Rogin writes regularly about relief and development issues. 

During some brief remarks, Rogin said that NGOs need to continue their work in international development because it provides essential care to communities in developing countries.

Workshop Summary: Does Data Sharing Enhance NGO Coordination, Collaboration And Transparency?

At this Thursday afternoon panel, Marian Spivey-Estrada of the American Red Cross, Stephen Davenport of Development Gateway, Melissa Bator of the University of California Santa Barbara, and moderator Andrew Schroeder of Direct Relief International offered insights into data sharing as a tool for NGO coordination, collaboration and transparency.

The workshop discussed the benefits that can derive from data sharing and standardization while also exploring some of the challenges that prevent NGOs from maximizing participation.