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Where the Need is Greatest

Once again the American people are showing their generosity of spirit through an outpouring of concern and donations to the many humanitarian crises that are unfolding, from the Japan earthquake to the political upheaval across the Middle East.  This modern age of connectivity is a blessing to any humanitarian organization seeking to raise funds for its work. 

That is, if the crisis for which they are trying to raise monies happens to be in the headlines.

My Next Journey

Thank you to everyone for making the first couple of months of AidBuzz eventful. Your blogs have been insightful and heart-felt, informative and empowering.

InterAction Maps Food Security Projects

Global food prices are at their highest level in several years, with the World Bank saying last month that another 44 million people joined the ranks of those living in extreme poverty in low and middle-income countries since June of last year.

Why President Obama's Peace Corps is relevant

**Originally posted by Lindsay Coates in the Huffington Post

This month, my daughter left for Morocco, an eager volunteer in the Peace Corps, a U.S. program created exactly half a century ago by President John F. Kennedy with the goal of spreading peace and friendship.

About 200,000 volunteers have served in 139 nations and my daughter, Helen Rose Patterson, is one of more than 8,650 people this year who are working in 77 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere.

New Education Resource for Tuberculosis

By Alison Cohen

Unveiled for World TB Day (March 24th) a new online tool that teaches students about tuberculosis is now available to middle and high school educators. The website,, offers resources, such as interactive curriculum units, for use in social studies and health settings.

NGOs Assess Relationships With Local Partners

The quality of relationships between international NGOs and their local partners relates directly to the effectiveness of their development work. Recognizing this, 25 organizations participated in a survey last September to collect feedback from their local partners. Findings from the survey, conducted on behalf of U.S.