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Reversing the Tide of School Drop-Outs in Malawi

In Mtumba village in the Nsanje district in Malawi, the traditional practice of girls leaving school to get married has created a vicious cycle of illiteracy among girls. In a community of about 1,500, just three girls have completed their primary school education and they are now married too.

When Is A Promise For Keeps?

DEAUVILLE, France - When is something smoke and mirrors and when should a promise be believed? This was a frequent question during the G8 summit in Deauville last week as world leaders dedicated billions to help "Arab Spring" countries Egypt and Tunisia and promised full transparency in the delivery of previously announced development assistance which never came through.

Baby Baskets And Gambling Dens In Deauville

DEAUVILLE - For NGOs seeking to get their voice heard at a G8 summit, staging stunts is often the most effective way to attract media coverage. There have been a few good ones this time round by several of InterAction’s members attending this year's summit in Deauville, the pretty seaside town in northern France.

Empowering Communities to Rebuild their Lives in Chad

I arrived in Chad last week to meet with our country team, and to assess our programs and the ongoing humanitarian needs in our program areas. Chad is one of the world’s seven least developed countries: it ranks at 163 out of 169 countries on the 20

10 United Nations Human Development Index. The goal of our programs here is to target the poorest communities in the poorest parts of Chad—and I was curious to see how successfully we were doing that.

No More Broken Promises From G8

DEAUVILLE - InterAction is in Deauville this week, joining thousands of international reporters at the G8 summit -- two days of meetings between leaders of the world's most powerful nations which are being held in this pretty seaside town in northern France.

The Mobile Wallet

When Michael Joseph started Safaricom in 2007 he invested three million dollars in a venture that no other investor had interest in. Four years later, that venture known as Safaricom, a leading mobile network subscriber, has evolved as the central player in mobile banking in Kenya and financial inclusion around the world with 12 million subscribers. Panelists at a recent  Brooking event on on mobile technology described the need for the private sector to invest in technological infrastructure and for donors to take risks in investments.

USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah Sees Aid in Action in Juba, Sudan

Rajiv Shah, administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), last week toured a new FM radio station in Juba, southern Sudan. The new station was funded by USAID and is run by Education Development Center, an InterAction member.