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NGOs Assess Relationships With Local Partners

The quality of relationships between international NGOs and their local partners relates directly to the effectiveness of their development work. Recognizing this, 25 organizations participated in a survey last September to collect feedback from their local partners. Findings from the survey, conducted on behalf of U.S.

Donating Wisely is Best Gift for Japan

Since Japan’s earthquake and tsunami last week, InterAction has received hundreds of queries from the public, businesses and the media on how best to help victims of this terrible disaster.

The question at the back of many people’s minds is should they give to a nation such as Japan which is wealthy and industrialized? The simple answer is that the devastation from the earthquake and tsunami was too much for any country to deal with alone.

Social Media and Organizations

How does your nonprofit use Facebook and Twitter? I learned something really surprising this morning about InterAction’s social media efforts.

Valuable Resource for Nonprofit Managers

If you plan to start your own nonprofit, manage a nonprofit, or would like to manage a nonprofit, look no further for helpful information to guide you on your path-- reference this list of 50 informational nonprofit management blogs.

It's Getting Better all the Time

Feel like there’s just no hope for the world these days? Well, it might be time to change your outlook. While the income per capita around the world has not increased, people are exponentially happier than ever before. And life expectancy has even increased by 10 years, despite economies facing monetary crises.

Fighting Poverty and Balancing Budgets

Government budgets worldwide are under pressure and we have to make sure every penny is well spent. Nowhere is this more apt than with foreign assistance budgets, which are targets of scrutiny on both sides of the Atlantic. Aid spent well can literally change millions of lives, and balancing budgets at the expense of the world's poorest people makes no sense for a whole host of reasons.

How Many InterAction Member Staff Were in the Peace Corps?

As the Peace Corps celebrated its 50th anniversary yesterday, I wondered how many InterAction member staff found their path to international development via service in the Peace Corps.