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Scouting Expedition for G8 Summit Locations

On Tuesday, January 31st a reconnaissance team from InterAction took the train to Deauville, France, site of the May G8 summit, and Trouville, its neighboring town to scout potential locations for the G8 summit international media center and possible sites for international NGOs who will be attending the summit.

On the Road to G8/G20 French Summits

At last week's Global G8/G20 Working Group strategy meeting, 130 NGO representatives from 20+ countries gathered in Paris and agreed on a range of activities and positions.  The gathering was opened by Christian Masset from the French Foreign Affairs Ministry and Sous Sherpa for the Summits.  He announced that the G8 Summit will be held May 26-27 in Deauville France on coast of Normandy about 2 hours from Paris. 

Gates Emphasizes Polio Eradication in Annual Letter

Where will the Gates Foundation concentrate its budget this year? On vaccines according to Bill Gates' Annual Letter, especially the polio vaccine, with a goal of eradicating the disease that has ravaged young bodies for decades.

G8/G20 Should Open Door Wider to Civil Society

PARIS – France’s theme is “New world, New Ideas” for the G8 and G20 summits it is hosting this year. Our community certainly has its own suggestions over what the priorities should be and how the system can be improved.

European NGOs Prepare for French G8 and G20 Summits

PARIS, FRANCE—I visited with five of our European allies as they prepare for the G8 Summit in May and the G20 Summit in November, which will take place in France. 130 NGO representatives are gathering in Paris from all over the world to plan advocacy, media and campaign strategies to influence the agenda of the two summits.  In preparation for the Global G8/G20 Working Group strategy meeting, I met with a number of our UK and French allies. 

British Government Report Highlights Dire Food Security Situation

BBC reported this morning that the British government has released a report, The Foresight Report on Food and Farming Futures, which states the current global food system is not sustainable and will not end hunger unless drastically changed.

Remembering Haiti

As we all know, the people of Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake a year ago today. The earthquake struck at 4:53 in the afternoon, when many families were separated because of school and work, and we can only imagine the panicked feelings of family members desperate to find their loved ones in the aftermath.