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New Agriculture Road Map at UN Climate Talks Prioritizes Food Security

The climate change talks held at UNFCC secretariat in Bonn, Germany was concluded recently, where a roadmap for agriculture was adopted by the Parties.

Not Part of the Job! Video Explores Gender-Based Violence

Sexual assault is a well-recognized aspect of gender-based violence at work. But as a new Solidarity Center video makes clear, gender-based violence at work may involve bullying, verbal abuse, stalking, threats and much more.

Supporting Mothers Through Education

This blog post was submitted by Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent Emerita, Wesleyan Church and founder of World Hope International

Fear of Deportation Exacts Toll on Children’s Mental Health

The torrent of headlines shows no signs of slowing:

More than 300,000 refugees from Central America and the Caribbean who’ve lived in the U.S. lawfully for years are suddenly stripped of their temporary protected status.

Immigration agents carry out high-profile raids of 7-Eleven stores, meatpacking plants, bakeries and other employers to root out workers in the country illegally.

RI Responds to Floods in Somalia

Springtime in Somalia brings Gu, “the season of long rains.” The rains revive the pastures and grazing lands — and often deliver death and destruction to the regions where the rivers burst their banks.

To Leverage NGO Resources, Partnerships with U.S. Government Must Change

Over the past year and a half, InterAction and the NGO community have successfully stood in solidarity to defend our values and maintain the role of development and humanitarian relief within U.S. foreign policy. Our values affirm the inherent dignity and rights of all people, including displaced persons or those who are marginalized. They also reflect a mandate to alleviate suffering and to promote human well-being and opportunity.

What’s the Foreign Agent Registration Act? We’ve Got Answers

The Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), a disclosure statute enacted in 1938, was designed to limit the influence of foreign governments and foreign “propaganda” in the United States. Congress is looking to update this legislation and strengthen its enforcement.

On April 23, InterAction and 45 member organizations submitted an open letter to Congress about FARA, calling for better targeting provisions that could adversely affect the NGO community.