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Thai Unions Coordinate, Collaborate for Success

After working several years at an auto parts factory outside Bangkok, Prasit Prasopsuk compared conditions at his workplace with those of a friend employed at a similar plant—and realized his wages were lower and working conditions worse because there was no union representation.

When "Strong Evidence" is Not Sufficient

In the fall of 2017, a major fire engulfed and devastated Southern California, especially Napa and Sonoma counties, charring nearly a quarter of a million acres of land and thousands of homes. Generally, this area is foggy and cool, due to moisture-laden air blowing in from the Pacific and vegetation is ample but damp; however, prior to the fire, the usual winds switched direction coming from the arid east, causing plummeting humidity and drying vegetation.

A Vision of 2018

I look towards 2018 with a sense of possibility that we, as a part of civil society, will be able to champion shared interests and deliver needed services with a new sense of purpose, as we advance human well-being in an ever-changing world. In spite of war, climate change, and dysfunctional politics, last year continued a generational trend of ever improving welfare across the globe. U.S. NGOs, each in their own way, contributed to this positive trend, particularly for more vulnerable populations.

Top Blog Posts: Best of 2017

Last year was one of the most memorable and eventful for our community.

InterAction Welcomes Five New Members

In late December, InterAction welcomed five new members into our coalition. These members represent a wide range of work within the international development and humanitarian sectors, bringing knowledge and expertise on issues ranging from human rights to data, civilian protection to poverty alleviation.  These organizations embody the shared principles amongst the membership and are welcomed additions to the InterAction community.

A huge welcome to the following new members:

The Art of Empowerment and Transformation From Within

Jesus' life was about strengthening the disinherited of the world so they could survive and empower themselves in the face of oppression and disenfranchisement from civic and economic power. Howard Thurman, the theologian, prophet and mystic wrote in his book Jesus and the Disinherited of a love rooted in the "deep river of faith," that would help oppressed peoples overcome persecution through belief in their own unique worth and dignity.

Working Up to Success in Rwanda

When he was young, Shema Claude dreamed of becoming an important lawyer. But growing up in Kigali, Rwanda, Claude saw many people just like him locked in a cycle of unemployment and poverty. It left a lasting—and discouraging—impression.

“I thought that only those people that came from rich families could find jobs,” he says.

This outlook impacted Claude’s studies. He attended school, but says he lacked motivation. He was convinced that he would never find any job, much less pursue his real dream of becoming an attorney.