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Social Inclusion: The Key to Effective Global Development

The global development community is pursuing historic and ambitious goals. They include: eliminating extreme poverty, providing universal quality education and literacy, advancing peace and security, improving governance, and fostering respect for human rights and dignity for all.

Could Family Separation Increase Human Trafficking Risk for Immigrant Children?

Child trafficking can seem like a scourge far from U.S. borders, in countries riven by war, natural disasters or endemic poverty.

It happens in places like Haiti, where criminals preyed on orphaned children for illegal adoptions after the 2010 earthquakes, or in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 40,000 children toil in lethal cobalt mines.

InterAction Welcomes Nine New Members

In early June, InterAction welcomed nine new members into our coalition. These members represent a wide range of work within the international development and humanitarian sectors, bringing knowledge and expertise on issues ranging from health and wellness to data, civilian protection to poverty alleviation.  These organizations embody the shared principles amongst the membership and are welcomed additions to the InterAction community.

A huge welcome to the following new members:

Guidelines for NGO Coordination with Military Actors During Humanitarian Crises

(InterAction Director for Humanitarian Practice, Julien Schopp, testifying before the U.S. House Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities)

Together Project Advocates for Financial Access

In March 2017, Charity & Security Network released a report entitled “Financial Access for U.S. Nonprofits Reveals Broad Scope of Problem,” which conveyed how prevalent issues of banking access were in the nonprofit sector. In a survey of 305 nonprofits in the United States who work internationally, two-thirds stated that they have issues with financial access.

As government policies affecting immigrants and asylum seekers worsen, InterAction Community must be the example of American compassion

InterAction is an American coalition comprised of a globally minded community of organizations. Over generations, our member NGOs were founded by communities in the United States that were called to service, informed by both secular and religious values, to advance human dignity and compassion. This Independence Day marked a time when many Americans may be questioning whether our country is willing to be compassionate to others, particularly towards marginalized individuals who are asking for our help.

Reflections from Forum 2018

With an increasing partisan divide throughout our nation and the world, it's important to tell your story. I acknowledge that it is easier said than done, but after attending Forum 2018 I cannot stress how vital it is to share your passions with the world.