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InterAction Welcomes Five New Members

In late December, InterAction welcomed five new members into our coalition. These members represent a wide range of work within the international development and humanitarian sectors, bringing knowledge and expertise on issues ranging from human rights to data, civilian protection to poverty alleviation.  These organizations embody the shared principles amongst the membership and are welcomed additions to the InterAction community.

A huge welcome to the following new members:

The Art of Empowerment and Transformation From Within

Jesus' life was about strengthening the disinherited of the world so they could survive and empower themselves in the face of oppression and disenfranchisement from civic and economic power. Howard Thurman, the theologian, prophet and mystic wrote in his book Jesus and the Disinherited of a love rooted in the "deep river of faith," that would help oppressed peoples overcome persecution through belief in their own unique worth and dignity.

Working Up to Success in Rwanda

When he was young, Shema Claude dreamed of becoming an important lawyer. But growing up in Kigali, Rwanda, Claude saw many people just like him locked in a cycle of unemployment and poverty. It left a lasting—and discouraging—impression.

“I thought that only those people that came from rich families could find jobs,” he says.

This outlook impacted Claude’s studies. He attended school, but says he lacked motivation. He was convinced that he would never find any job, much less pursue his real dream of becoming an attorney.

Never Too Old To Learn: Nigérien “Husband Schools” Promote Family Health and Well-Being

Women in Niger face many challenges in ensuring the health and well-being of their families. Food security threats are regular occurrences, and ensuring that children are healthy and benefit from proper nutrition is a day-to-day struggle. When women benefit from the support of their husbands to pursue modern family planning methods, get regular health check-ups for their children, and learn about proper hygiene and nutrition practices, their job is much easier.

Addressing Sexual Violence in the NGO Community

The Silence Breakers emerged as Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” in a swirl of allegations of sexual misconduct and assault, exposing famous individuals in Hollywood, politics, journalism and other industries as sexual predators.  Survivors of sexual harassment and assault have stepped forward and launched a conversation that all of us, in every sector and slice of life, need to have, honestly and in the open. The NGO community, driven to promote the dignity of all and correcting power imbalances, must address sexual harassment and the inequalities that abet it.

Net Neutrality Beyond the U.S.

by Reid Porter and Soshana Hashmie

Humanitarian Crisis and Nuclear Proliferation in North Korea

Nine nations possess the global supply of roughly 15,000 nuclear warheads. The United States and Russia are the largest players, together accounting for more than 90 percent of the supply. North Korea has the smallest count with only 10 warheads, but continues to test its capabilities including conducting three nuclear tests since 2016.