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InterAction Welcomes Distinguished Photographers

On May 3, InterAction welcomed five distinguished D.C.-based photographers to help judge our 16th annual Effective Assistance Photography Contest. This year’s judges will helped select the top photos from over 750 image submissions that capture the incredible moments with humanitarian and development space.  These photographers bring years of experience, and their photography captures everything from luxury fashion brands to distant cultures, and often serves as social commentary for some of today’s most pressing issues.

May Day or Mayday?: A Global Snapshot of Women Workers

The blog was written by Krista Bywater, PhD., Gender & Social Inclusion Specialist, World Vision

Together Project Hosts Positive Public Image Workshop

Do you stammer when hit by an unexpected question during an interview?

Have you ever found it difficult to succinctly express just what it is that your organization does?

Has it been a struggle to talk to your mother about your work involving “integrated approaches towards resilience” or “systems-level solutions”?

How Can We Be Heard If We Are Arrested?

By Agar Nana Mbianda, Achieve SDG5 Project Associate at Women Thrive Alliance

The piece was originally published on April 19, 2018, on Ms. Blog Magazine.


Recognizing Leaders in Global Development and Humanitarian Assistance

Every year, InterAction’s annual awards recognizes outstanding leaders within the global development and humanitarian sectors. These individuals are leaders who are shaping the evolution of the U.S. NGO sector and generating greater awareness in the U.S. of global poverty.

NGOs and Risk Study Enters Second Phase, Survey Now Available

In 2016, InterAction convened a group of major international humanitarian organizations to generate in-depth analysis and practical tools for NGOs operating in high-risk environments. The NGOs and Risk study focused primarily on the experience of international organizations and the ways in which they identify, measure, and manage risk within their own programming and policies.

InterAction Launches Choose to Invest FY2019 with Bipartisan Support

For the last 50 years, U.S. leadership and investment in international development and humanitarian assistance have proved instrumental in helping create more self-reliant and sustainable communities around the world. U.S. -funded development and humanitarian programs have helped reduce the number of households suffering from hunger, the number of preventable child deaths and the number of new cases of HIV. Such efforts are emblematic of American values and generosity and prove that American engagement in the world is critical.