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Humanitarian Action Needs To Be Impartial

Two weeks ago, British newspaper The Guardian published findings of its ongoing investigation into allegations of a fake vaccination program conducted by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in northwest Pakistan. Under the ruse of providing hepatitis B vaccines, the CIA  allegedly attempted to collect DNA samples from Osama bin Laden’s family members in hopes of finding the world’s most wanted terrorist. In response to the allegations, an unnamed U.S.

Mothers Fight Back In Malawi

As the hot, dry breeze wafts through the lakeside district of Nkhotakota, Malawi, a group of women sing as they take turns to water their near-ripe crop of maize. Further downstream, another group is busy making seed beds in preparation for another crop.

Overcoming the Challenges of Breastfeeding

“When I was pregnant with my first daughter,” said Dima Zayat, ANERA’s Medical In-Kind Program Coordinator in Lebanon, “I read a lot about the benefits of breastfeeding and decided to do it. But, when I gave birth, many factors made it difficult and I was very disappointed.”

Dima’s difficulties in breastfeeding her first child are not unique. Hospital regulations, lack of community and family support, and a shortage of-well trained nurses are a few factors that may discourage women from breastfeeding.

Baby Baskets And Gambling Dens In Deauville

DEAUVILLE - For NGOs seeking to get their voice heard at a G8 summit, staging stunts is often the most effective way to attract media coverage. There have been a few good ones this time round by several of InterAction’s members attending this year's summit in Deauville, the pretty seaside town in northern France.

Getting Mental Health On The Global Agenda

Sometimes it takes a public figure to drive home the suffering an illness can cause. This time, it was Kjell Magne Bondevik, former prime minister of Norway, who shared his personal struggle with depression at the Sixth World Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Mental and Behavioral Disorders, co-hosted by Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC).

“I was sad all the time. I was not able to get out of bed,” he said. By 1998, he felt ashamed and thought he wanted to step down from office.

Mothers' Index Shows Need for Maternal Health Funding

InterAction member Save the Children released its annual “State of the World’s Mothers” report today, reminding those holding the purse strings why it is so important to fund maternal and child health care programs worldwide.

World Malaria Day: Local Art and Music Pave the Way

In the developing world, malaria is a leading cause of death, affecting 3.3 billion people worldwide and causing almost 1 million deaths each year. In Africa alone, a child dies of malaria every 45 seconds. Not only is malaria deadly, it is also easily preventable and treatable.

New Approaches Signal Change in Malaria Fight

According to estimates from the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly one million children do not reach their fifth birthday because they die from malaria each year.

The Sphere Project: Holding Ourselves Accountable

*Excerpt of blog originally posted on AlertNet*

As a new aid worker in the late 1990s, I thought the Sphere Project was awesome.  I’m a huge music fan and for me, Sphere was like having all your favorite bands do a compilation album, but one that teaches you how to play music too.

Global Health and American Moral Power

“After all we had been through, it reminded me that there were still good people in the world.”


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