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Working Together to Rebuild Haiti

Even before the earthquake, Haiti was not equipped to provide adequate healthcare services to its disabled population. When the earthquake struck, need for these services increased dramatically.

New Education Resource for Tuberculosis

By Alison Cohen

Unveiled for World TB Day (March 24th) a new online tool that teaches students about tuberculosis is now available to middle and high school educators. The website,, offers resources, such as interactive curriculum units, for use in social studies and health settings.

Non-Communicable Diseases: a New Trend in Global Health Priorities?

What do cancer, diabetes, and heart disease have in common? People want all of these diseases addressed in the global health arena.

Gates Emphasizes Polio Eradication in Annual Letter

Where will the Gates Foundation concentrate its budget this year? On vaccines according to Bill Gates' Annual Letter, especially the polio vaccine, with a goal of eradicating the disease that has ravaged young bodies for decades.

British Government Report Highlights Dire Food Security Situation

BBC reported this morning that the British government has released a report, The Foresight Report on Food and Farming Futures, which states the current global food system is not sustainable and will not end hunger unless drastically changed.