Hurricane Harvey Situation Report #1

Release Date: 
Aug 31, 2017

All Hands Volunteers - Hurricane Harvey Situation Report

Thurs., 31 Aug 2017, 9:00 EST

Storm Profile & Analysis

  • Hurricane Harvey may have set a new U.S. rainfall record for any tropical storm or hurricane as it continues to soak Texas and Louisiana. The National Weather Service said, "This event is unprecedented & all impacts are unknown & beyond anything experienced.
  • In addition to the storm there have been over a dozen tornadoes so far; total number yet to be determined.
  • 50 TX counties affected and >30,000 people expected to be placed in temporary shelters.
  • The economic cost and the duration of the recovery are both thought to be astronomical.
  • Bloomberg News reports that costs could mount to $30 billion when impacts on labor force and energy sector.
  • Federal emergency officials are saying that the recovery after Harvey will last for years.

All Hands’ Current Status

  • Staging in San Antonio:
  • Fielding requests for help from affected communities, including Habitat for Humanity, which has asked us to help them muck and gut their homes
  •  In daily contact with FEMA VAL (Voluntary Agency Liaison), TX VOAD, TX Emergency Management officials; meetings in Corpus Christi today with FEMA VAL and CC Emergency Manager
  • Rapid Response team is pulling in additional staff from our International Response as we expect this to be our largest response to date
  • Lining up volunteers - over 2,000 applications received in first 72 hours
  • Our team has identified two locations for bases to begin work. Our Houston base will be at a church in the Woodland Hills area. Our Fort Bend base will be at Parkway United Methodist Church, where we were based summer of 2016. Together, these bases should accommodate 200- 250 residential volunteers

Planned Disaster Response Activities

  • Building local capacity in volunteer management --It is likely that we will set up a VRC (Volunteer Reception Center) in the Aransas Pass area as requested by the Emergency Manager. This may take a few days depending on finding a location and tech support. This may lead to setting up multiple satellite VRCs.
  • Direct support to disaster survivors-- Once access is granted, we will most likely focus on Fort Bend County. We will be staying in the Woodland Hills area and Fort Bend County area and with enough volunteers can split our efforts. We want to extend to Fort Bend because we have responded there multiple times in the past and have a strong connection to the local community.

The massive scale of the damage, in the face of low numbers of insured and limited federal and state resources, make it clear All Hand’s experience in flood repairs will be needed to help homeowners rebuild.