Islamic Relief USA Volunteers Aid Harvey Evacuees in Houston

Release Date: 
Sep 12, 2017
Press Contact: 
Minhaj Hassan
(703) 370-7246

Houston, Texas - Islamic Relief USA volunteers have safely reached Houston to conduct disaster assessment of properties damaged by Hurricane Harvey over the past week. 

"We have been in touch with local communities for opportunities to collaborate," said Hani Hamwi, leader of IRUSA's Disaster Response Team. "Our goal is to be committed and active here in the Texas area. There are plenty of volunteers here and families need our help. This will be a long-term process." 

The Disaster Response Team had been working out of a convention center in Dallas that is currently serving as a mega-shelter. Volunteers worked in donations management, mental health, client check-in, and other responsibilities. 

After the floodwaters receded considerably over the past several days, the team of approximately 17 volunteers and staff member traveled safely into the Houston area to conduct the second, and even more labor-intensive, aspect of the recovery process: disaster assessment. 

As in Dallas, IRUSA is working with the American Red Cross (ARC). The team worked with ARC to facilitate emotional and spiritual care, halal food, and a clean and appropriate space for Muslim evacuees in Dallas and Houston to conduct their daily and Eid-al-Adha prayers. The team also has been working with local mosques for community announcements and to help raise funds for survivors.