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Results-Based Protection

InterAction facilitates a collaborative effort to develop and promote a results-based approach to protection in crisis. Launched in November 2014, the online platform serves as a point of reference and site for the humanitarian community to exchange experiences and refine the key elements that underpin results-based protection.

THE CHALLENGE: How do you measure violence or coercion that you didn’t see? How do you devise a pathway to mitigate threats? What combination of actions is needed to meaningfully reduce vulnerability and exposure to threats? How do you know if your intervention has reduced risk?  

Let’s Tackle This Problem: The humanitarian community lacks a set of methods and approaches to bring about protection outcomes. There is a need for an approach that is rigorous enough to demonstrate measurably reduced risk, but practical enough for field-level use during crises.  It must help us make informed and real-time decisions about measures to mitigate threats, reduce vulnerabilities, and enhance capacities, while adapting approaches along the way.

Make your contributions here: Review and comment on materials, participate in a series of consultations, and share your own experience and examples. 

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