Statement by InterAction President Samuel A. Worthington on the Response of U.S. NGOs to the Ebola Crisis

NEW YORK (September 24, 2014) – The Ebola epidemic in West Africa is the largest and longest Ebola outbreak in history. This outbreak has killed more people than all other Ebola outbreaks combined.
Statement by Samuel A. Worthington, President and CEO, InterAction: 
"The Ebola outbreak has grown into a massive humanitarian crisis with sweeping effects on economies and the daily lives of millions. It will take time, resources and careful coordination between partners in the public, nonprofit and private sectors to turn the tide. 
"This is a big lift and it must be done correctly, in a way that does not put medical staff at risk or further alienate communities.
"InterAction is currently working with the U.S. government to engage a wide range of U.S. NGOs and identify potential partner organizations to help respond to the Ebola crisis in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. This includes passing along potential volunteers gathered by USAID to NGOs responding to the Ebola crisis, as part of a larger effort by the U.S. NGO community to identify qualified and experienced volunteers to help scale up ongoing and planned aid efforts.
"Responding to the massive scale and logistical challenges of this crisis is going to take a long time, intense effort and more resources. InterAction will continue to work with public and private sector partners to help support U.S. NGOs who are assisting populations in states that have been touched by the ripple effects of the crisis."
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InterAction member NGOs are gearing up to respond to the unprecedented Ebola outbreak.
  • InterAction members are currently providing clinical care, logistical support and community outreach as part of the global Ebola response. This crisis requires organizations with experience to provide clinical care and logistical support. Just as pressing is the need for effective community outreach and education around Ebola. 
  • While originating with an epidemic, the Ebola crisis is having a massive societal-wide impact that can be tempered with continuing development work. If these efforts are abandoned, the crisis will deepen. InterAction members with programs in development sectors such as agriculture, education, and water and sanitation are currently looking at ways to continue their programs to mitigate the ripple effects of the Ebola outbreak.
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