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Protection Mainstreaming

InterAction convenes its member NGOs and coordinates with other actors in the humanitarian community in order to advance the practice of protection mainstreaming. InterAction provides a platform to share protection mainstreaming approaches and examples of field level implementation across the NGO humanitarian community, discuss new trends, and identify areas where support is required going forward.

Although there is not one agreed upon definition or scope of programming for “protection mainstreaming,” there is common understanding around the different modalities of protection mainstreaming and the challenges that the community faces.

In order to promote protection outcomes from mainstreaming, an area of increased interest is integrated protection.  “Integrated protection programming” refers to any program which responds to a protection issue through multi-sectoral humanitarian response activities. This is distinct from meeting basic safety, accessibility and dignity standards in a general humanitarian response program – such as a health program which aims to reduce mortality and is safely accessible to all populations in greatest need.

Identifying areas of complementarity between multi-sectoral humanitarian programs is a great advantage to the integrated protection approach. Programming can potentially be more cost-effective and reach a greater portion of the affected population. By using an integrated protection approach, with protection staff and other sectors working in partnership, programs can be better equipped to mitigate or respond to new protection concerns.

To advance learning around integrated protection programming, this year InterAction will facilitate a webinar series and develop a report of recommendations around this approach to mainstreaming humanitarian protection.

For more information, please contact Ramon Broers (rbroers@interaction.org).