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2018 G7 Summit

          Canada hosted the 2018 G7 Summit on June 8-9 at Le Manoir Richelieu, located in the small town of La Malbaie in the Charlevoix region of Quebec. The Canadian Presidency set five themes that guided discussions and the agenda during its Presidency:

          1. Investing in growth that works for everyone;

          2. Preparing for jobs of the future;

          3. Advancing gender equality and women's empowerment;

          4. Working together on climate change, oceans, and clean energy; and

          5. Building a more peaceful and secure world.

          The Canadian Presidency prioritized integrating gender into every aspect of the 2018 G7 Summit. To this end, Canada formed a Gender Equality Advisory Council, which supported G7 leaders and ministers in ensuring that gender equality and gender-based analyses are integrated across all themes, activities, and outcomes of Canada's G7 Presidency.

          Leading up to the Summit, Canada hosted a series of ministerial and other preparatory meetings to address these five themes. The ministerial meetings featured G7 ministers responsible for the environment, foreign affairs, finance, development, energy, innovation, and employment. While ministerial meetings at past G7 summits have concluded with communiqués that outline commitments and areas of suggested action, the Canadian Presidency has altered this customary format. Instead, this year ministerial meetings concluded with a chairs' summary, which includes details about the topics of discussion and several negotiated outcomes. The G7 ministerial meetings convened this year include:

          • "Preparing for jobs of the future" (March 27-28, Montreal): Employment and Innovation ministers discussed how G7 countries will adapt to the changing nature of work to assure well-paying jobs for everyone and support a robust, growing economy. The meeting focused primarily on STEM education, artificial intelligence, and information and communication technology. In line with Canada’s initiative to incorporate gender equality, ministers stressed the importance of women in STEM, female labor force participation, women in leadership roles, improving gender-based analysis for government support services and budgeting, and eliminating gender-based violence and the gender pay gap. (View the chairs' summary here.)

          • "Building a more peaceful and secure world" (April 22-24, Toronto): Foreign Affairs and Security ministers discussed a variety of critical foreign policy and security challenges, such as Venezuela, the DPRK, Russia, Myanmar, Syria, and counterterrorism. (View the chairs' summary here.)

          • "Investing in growth that works for everyone" (May 31-June 2, Whistler): Finance and Development ministers, along with central bank governors, discussed innovative and gender-responsive solutions to address common challenges such as growing inequality, the changing nature of work, and persistent poverty. (View the chairs' summary here.)

          • "Working together on climate change, oceans, and clean energy" (September 19-21, Halifax): Environment and Energy ministers will meet to discuss how to tackle climate change, improve the health of the world's oceans, and transform the way we produce transport, and use energy. (The chairs' summary of the meeting will be available here as soon as it is publicly released.)

          For more on ministerial and other preparatory meetings related to the 2018 G7 Summit, including information on summit priorities and G7 participants and representatives, check out our 2018 G7 Calendar. The Summit Communique can be found hereIn addition, official documents released by the Canadian G7 Presidency can be located here. An archive of press releases by the Canadian G7 Presidency can be found here.


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