Global Standard for CSO Accountability to Launch in December

WASHINGTON - For the past two years InterAction has been one of nine project partners participating in The Global Standard for CSO Accountability, an initiative that encapsulates a globally shared and dynamic understanding of accountability. We are pleased to announce that a final version of the Global Standard has been approved and will be officially launched in early December at the International Civil Society Week being held in Fiji.

As a reference standard, the Global Standard for CSO Accountability seeks to improve the effectiveness of civil society by aligning new and existing accountability standards and practices, rather than replacing them. The Global Standard transforms accountability into an ongoing dialogue that helps drive learning and change, cultivate trust with stakeholders and enhance the legitimacy and credibility of CSOs.  

The Standard consists of 12 Commitments and associated Key Actions organized into three clusters: what CSOs aim to achieve (the commitments of justice and equality, women’s rights and gender equality, healthy planet, and lasting positive change), their approach to change  (people-driven work, strong partnerships, advocating for fundamental change, and open organizations) and their internal practices (empowered and effective staff and volunteers, well-handled resources, responsive decision making, and responsible leadership).

These commitments are aspirational in nature and call on CSOs to enhance their performance, both individually and collectively, to develop closer links with stakeholders, increase their impact and elevate their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. As InterAction begins to revise and update its own standards to incorporate impact measurement and timely sector work into its own Standards, we will look to align with the Global Standards.

Project Partners

The Global Standard is the culmination of work among nine civil society accountability networks located across the globe. These project partners came together to learn from one another and help shape a world view on accountability among civil society, while simultaneously improving their codes and reducing transaction costs.

Along with InterAction, the project partners include Australian Council for International Development, Balkan Civil Society Development Network, Cooperation Committee for Cambodia, Accountable Now, NGO Quality Assurance Certification Mechanism, Rendir Cuentas, Viwango and Voluntary Action Network India.

As accountability standards for the sector continue to take shape, the project partners will also work closely with CIVICUS, who has been at the forefront of shaping accountability standards for the sector, to ensure their work is aligned with accountability initiatives such as the Istanbul Principles and the Core Humanitarian Standard.